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  1. Every release I get hyped about it, reinstall it and convince myself now I'll use it, then decide everything is so much more convoluted than other DAWs why am I bothering with the hassle and delete it
  2. Lee D

    Dune 3

    Or do the synths own YOU? *cackles ominously*
  3. Thanks I'm still thinking about it... I have Bitwig and Rapid so I don't know if this would be overlapping too much... Also I do more like chill r&b stuff, not trance...
  4. I only ever hear spire mentioned alongside of Trance, why is that?
  5. Must resist... I have bought and sold V Collection like 3 times already im the last lol. Still, so tempting... I own a Arturia Keylab MK2 so it's $199 for V Collection
  6. Lee D

    Bitwig Announces CLAP

    Kiss VST3 goodbye in 5 years
  7. Thanks. Sounds like I might get more use from A1. Is A1 at $200 a smart buy versus other stuff out there?
  8. Need some advice, never bought an orchestral library before. I dabble in pop, techno, rock, and orchestration seems pretty interesting. Would I be better off in getting Albion One or BBC Core?
  9. What are these guys smoking? Maybe if they ever updated their existing products...
  10. I'm tempted by this. Is this an unusually good price? Also I'm just dipping my toe into orchestration, is this overkill? I have BBC Discovery right now which is nice but feels a little limited.
  11. Or buy my bundle I'm selling on KVR! https://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=575792&p=8324466#p8324466
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