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  1. Or buy my bundle I'm selling on KVR! https://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=575792&p=8324466#p8324466
  2. https://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=562307&p=8056515#p8056515
  3. I spent more than usual this year. Sampletank 4 Max upgrade $80 (Hell yeah) Dune 3 $100 (Hell yeah) Synthmaster Everything Bundle Upgrade $100 (Impulse buy that I kind of regret) Samples From Mars Everything Bundle $30 (Hell yeah)
  4. Wasnt planning on getting something like this but for $33 why not? I have Studio One 5, MDrummer, and Sampletank 4. What's the best way to use these for drum kits?
  5. Lee D

    IK Black Friday Deals

    I dunno, for the price I'm happy. The browser could be better but it's good enough for me. I'm not a power user though.
  6. Lee D

    IK Black Friday Deals

    Yeah I forgot about that but that's also a big benefit. Also it loads Syntronik instruments. Having everything in one plugin is great.
  7. Lee D

    IK Black Friday Deals

    The ST4 samples in the SE version are great. The ST3 ones are crap. But this includes like 200GB of new ST4 samples so that's what made me pull the trigger. $80 for this amount of high quality sounds is a super deal. Plus I like ST4 interface and effects.
  8. Lee D

    IK Black Friday Deals

    I had bought Total Studio Max 2 earlier in the year when it was like $250. That included Sampletank 4 SE. I just got a tasty upgrade to Sampletank 4 Max for like $80 after using some Jampoints. SCORE!
  9. Why not just install the IK Software Manager which was released a few months ago? Then it's just clicking a button to install everything.
  10. I'm very happy to see that IK is listening to user feedback and am looking forward to trying this. I recently bought Total Studio 2 Max and love it but the downloading, authorization, and installation process was extremely time consuming and painful. Not to mention the manual process for getting and installing updates. So if this addresses that then I'll be thrilled. Reading some of the responses in this thread, I have to laugh. Only in internet forums can you say you've released a free new improved product and get people dumping on you as a result because version 1.0 has a few bugs.
  11. Just checked and both work fine for me. Sorry to hear you have issues with them.
  12. Amazing! Thank you Bandlab and to the bakers for continuing to make this DAW better and better!
  13. What's the advantage of MSuperLooper versus just loop recording in my DAW?
  14. I considered doing that but I wasn't sure how much more space the unzipped files would take on my spare drive. Oh well, too late Hopefully I don't have to reinstall this stuff anytime soon again.
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