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  1. What's the advantage of MSuperLooper versus just loop recording in my DAW?
  2. I considered doing that but I wasn't sure how much more space the unzipped files would take on my spare drive. Oh well, too late Hopefully I don't have to reinstall this stuff anytime soon again.
  3. I have noticed similar issues where separate MIDI clips are created if there is a measure between notes. Really annoying, I'm hoping they change this.
  4. That's a fair argument. Never tried Jamstix because I read that it's really difficult to use... Maybe I'll try it. I do like the sound of AD2 although I'd like some more electronic or hybrid kits available for it as well. Still, I think AD3 will greatly improve the MIDI aspect. I don't need an AI drummer necessarily but I would like much better way to create variations, different complexity levels, fills, etc. Something more like Groove Agent or MDrummer in that aspect.
  5. No way. AD2 sucks for building drum tracks, the MIDI browsing and making variations. I want them to make AD3 to address this. Using other tools to make grooves defeats the purpose of having a drum instrument.
  6. Yeah VPS Avenger uses this which I love so I tried it in ST hoping to get lucky and discovered this. Love this way of browsing presets!
  7. You can hit up and down on the keyboard to scroll through sounds and hit the right arrow key to load a sound.
  8. Yeah but even if that's the case you could install the ST3 sound sets and just use ST4 interface for them. So much nicer!
  9. It's definitely sweet that ST4 SE comes with it and loads all the sounds because its interface is WAY better than ST3!
  10. I still think it's totally worth it but it's just the installation is a total PITA.
  11. By the way, just to make sure I'm not doing it the unnecessarily hard way, can someone verify that this is the way it should be done? 1) Download, install, and authorize the separate VST instruments. 2) Download the associated sound packs one by one as zip files from the website for each product. You can at least control + click to select a few at a time. I'm downloading them to my backup drive for archiving. 3) Unzip each of those zip files somewhere. In my case, to the desktop. 4) Run the installer for each of those unzipped archives. Then delete the unzipped folder from the desktop. 5) Run the appropriate product to update the database. This takes literally days. If I'm not doing it this stupidly long way, then it's really ridiculous that they haven't written some sort of tool to assist with this in some way. The downloading one-by-one I can live with, but there should be a way to point the programs to a directory and tell them to install everything!
  12. Yeah NI is pretty painless. The best one I think is Arturia's software center.
  13. Yeah it is really painful and they are way behind the competition in this regard. The product is high quality once installed though but they need to prioritize an installer.
  14. Thanks. . . key words "once it's all done". . . this installation process is going to take me like a week between downloading, unzipping, installing! But so far from what I've tried it seems quite excellent!
  15. Could not resist. . . bought it. Now begins the installation process. . .
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