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  1. It would definitely work as a melodic controller in Cakewalk. It's notes certainly can be used to trigger things, and it has several control modes. I don't think you'd have the optimal feature set though without a lot of configuration.
  2. Thanks all. The "workplaces" thing was definitely the problem. I agree that having workplaces that can cut things like menu items is pretty confusing, especially if the default cuts out features. I probably just dismissed that dialog at some point thinking it was a standard "getting started" dialog, versus something that would cut substantial features out of accessibility. Best regards, Michael
  3. Hi all, I have been going to Cakewalk to look at some of my surround sound projects, and the surround features appear to be completely missing. Were they intentionally removed from Cakewalk, and, if so, at what version? It's an important feature for me and my primary usage case for Cakewalk at this point. Could someone let me know the last build that has it? I'd love to see it return as a feature if it was intentionally removed.
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