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  1. Haha. sometimes the tacky sounds are what I'm after. Friend of mine searched for ages for a sound he wanted. He finally found it in a patch called 'toy piano'. :-)
  2. Thanks for the help Abacab and Scook. That worked! I enabled the TTS and now I can record the tracks onto audio. As a follow up, isn't there a way of routing the GS Wavetable synth to the input?
  3. Thanks Scook. I'll try that, but last time I didn't get the option to set the input of the audio track to TTS-1. Maybe it doesn't appear until the soft synth is active. I'll try it.
  4. Thanks Abacab. I know all about midi. Been using it for 20 years. I just need to record what the midi plays (through the soundcard) onto a new audio track. Just can't figure out how to get the sounds to the input. :-( The video is great, and at 7;45 he states what I am trying to do, but doesn't say how to do it in Cakewalk.
  5. Trying to mix midi tracks into a single audio track (for exporting as mp3). I created an audio track, but input options only show microphone interface. How do I set it to record the output of the midi tracks I'm not using virtual instruments, just the soundcard sounds. Thanks anyone who can help.
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