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  1. I guess I'll be skipping Vintage Vault and Keysuite since I already had V Collection 9 and Keyscape. But I did ended up picking Falcon 2 with 2 Falcon expansions. Now waiting for my license to arrive from AudioDeluxe and buy World Suite 2 with 2 Falcon expansions using the $100 voucher.
  2. How did you get 60% off? I'm interested in Falcon and Vintage Vault but not sure how to game the system. The best I can get to is around 40% off only...
  3. Two lite plugins free from PB. PBGIFT1 - PUNISH LITE PBGIFT2 - RIFT FILTER LITE Valid till: 31st December (23:59 PST)
  4. Merry Christmas to everyone! Just leave it out here as a small Christmas gift: 2022-12-755HDR9DCCRN PA $75 voucher. Please leave a comment if you used it so that others don't have to use the code only to find out it has been redeemed.
  5. Love this plugin. Instantly carves away clashing frequencies between vocals and a synth. Careful not to put the amount too high as it can really scoop out a lot of body from the track you put it on - I usually leave it at under 10% (maybe higher if you are going for a specific kind of sound).
  6. Does anyone know if will it be exclusively on NI store or will it be on other vendors at a later stage?
  7. Until the end of the year Source: https://vi-control.net/community/threads/new-release-the-whiskey-series-honkytonk-harmonica.133866/post-5253045
  8. https://www.toontrack.com/holiday-deal-week/
  9. I only saw one called "Guitar Picking 70 BPM" under Wavelengths Lo-Fi. I think there are no additional samples for Wavelengths Cinematic. Might not be worth it if you are only looking for additional samples or wavetables from these three packs.
  10. Just screen-captured some of the folders from my Pigments. Seems like there are new samples for the banks. But I only see two new samples under the 'Wavelengths' in samples and nothing along the lines of 'Wavelengths' in the wavetable. I think there are new samples or wavetables, but just not a whole lot.
  11. Been loving the new Wavelengths Lo-Fi sound bank. Instant vibes.
  12. https://www.fabfilter.com/shop?currency=eur&vat=0 Fabfilter holiday sale - 25% off all bundles.
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