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  1. Sorry Scook. Forgot you have to activate outside the program as admin, which worked. Well for DMPRO so far. Glad you solved it for me lol!! I've been sitting for hours banging the desk and it came to me as I was shutting down. cheers. Dave.
  2. Hi Scook. Don't mean to rob a thread, but I thought you may have a quick answer, or I will post a new thread if you like. I had drive failure so decided it was time for a new rebuild. I don't use many instruments, so was only putting back what I use as I go. I've had everything backed up for years and srl numbers and activation codes all saved to a word doc. I've installed DM pro 1.5 but it will not accept my registration code. I've tried copying direct from my account, but still no go. Worried about everything else now, like Z3TA +2. Do they/should they still work? cheers Dave.
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