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  1. Well, 4 people out of ~130,000 residents is hardly noticeable. By comparison, in California for instance, two men are facing criminal trial for submitting more than 8,000 fraudulent ballot applications on behalf of 'fictitious, nonexistent or deceased' people. The overarching fact is that The Villages is a pretty cool place for active adults.
  2. This was great to read! I'm seriously looking at switching coasts and moving to The Villages in the next year or so (hoping to do the lifestyle visit later this year). Since retiring a couple of years ago I've released almost 10 albums (EP's really) and have been far more productive (I'll leave for now the quality vs. quantity debate! 😊). Very cool that you've budgeted for a studio. Good luck on the move and if end up down there I'll look you up.
  3. 20 Feet From Stardom is a fantastic document about background singers, and I believe it won the Oscar award for documentary.
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