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  1. As long as you haven't used them in any CbB projects, then you won't miss them if you delete them.
  2. Steve - you have hit the nail on the head! The drive is not compressed, but when I went to delete the existing pgl files, I noticed that the Compress Contents, Encrypt, and Read Only attributes were set for every file in the folder. I've unset them, restarted CbB and the menus are back! It's not obvious to me why those attributes were set, and it seems interesting that Plug-in Manager doesn't seem to care, but CbB does. Space occasionally gets tight on the drive, so perhaps Windows automatically turns compression on. Thank you so much for your help!
  3. Thanks, Steve - that's where I thought they should be, but all I have in that area are two grey lines between Sort by Type and Scan VST Folders. They are not on a compressed drive and they appear to be exactly where Preferences expects (and Plug-in Manager seems to find them without problem). I'm not feeling like uninstalling and reinstalling Cakewalk so, unless you've got any better ideas, I'll try deleting the existing pgl files and creating them afresh in Plug-in Manager. I'll report back when I've tried that.
  4. Do you hibernate your PC whilst Cakewalk is still running, perhaps? I have used several Roland devices (although not Octa-) and they all seem to have problems recovering from hibernation. Typically, this affects ASIO only - sound still comes through from Windows.
  5. @scook Steve - could you indulge me by setting out the recipe to invoke a layout from an existing .pgl?
  6. @Noel Borthwick Thanks for looking at this Noel. In the Help that you reference, I can not see how to invoke an already created .pgl file. I confess that I just can't remember how I used to do this, because I had structured layouts for synths and fx and I rarely needed to invoke anything else. (Editing the layouts in plug-in manager was enough to keep them up-to-date).
  7. Oops! Sorry, Steve @scook- I must not have email alerts turned on for the new forum, so I didn't know that you had replied. Thanks for your reply. I no longer can see any way to select a custom layout, although I can switch freely between the three "sort by" categories. I can open, edit, save the custom layouts via "manage layouts" (which opens Cakewalk Plug-in Manager). But there is no longer any way to select a custom layout. I can't even remember how that used to happen - it was a reflex, like so many things in familiar software. I've checked Preferences and I can't see anything that seems relevant. The File Location setting is pointing to the correct folder. With your encyclopaedic knowledge of the inner workings, can you think of anything I can try?
  8. There no longer seems to be any way of selecting and using a given Plug-in Layout. It still seems to be possible to open and edit .pgl files in Plug-in Manager, however. Does anyone know whether this is a bug or a feature?
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