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  1. I've been running Sonar/Bandlab for years in a band that uses sound effects. Works perfect. I've got two old HP laptops loaded with the same OS and Sonar/Bandlab versions. Laptops run Echo PCMCIA card audio interfaces, works every time. If we use our PA I plug the Echo into a pair of mic/line inputs. If we're using a PA provided by the event I plug the echo card into a stereo DI. The sound guys take it from there. The only downside is that the screens on the laptops get washed out in direct sunlight. Not bad if the stage is covered, but really a bitch to see otherwise. I never use the on board audio on the PC's.
  2. OK. I'll check for patches or updates. Thanks for the heads up.
  3. Couple days ago I too heard a high pitch tone at the end of an old project. I've got waves plugs on some of my old projects so it might have originated from there. My waves 32 bit plugs are so old even Cakewalk won't play them.
  4. E or e doesn't work for me. I'm beginning to think the time Selection Box (see photo) is hosed up. I can drag over a selection of measures in a Midi track, copy and paste works as expected. Not as accurate as the time selection. I've always used the Selection Box because it's accurate. Can someone else try it my way?
  5. The issue is in the Piano Roll. Here's what I'm doing; Open the drum (or any) Midi track in piano roll. Use the Selection Box and type in say 7 in the top 23 in the bottom. I can see the grey bar selecting measures 7 -23. I use Edit Copy or ctrl C. I use G to go to measure 71. Select Copy Special, the dialog does appear with the proper measure (71), but the track number isn't in the dialog box. I click OK, nothing appears in the drum Midi track in question. What I do get is a bunch of tracks added to the bottom of the project. I'm attaching photos. This has been my standard work process for ever and now it doesn't work. I can make a selection from the Midi track in track view and paste it, but the notes don't align properly with the measures. I have to manually slide them in Piano roll view. If I have some function switched on that I'm mot aware of please enlighten me. Thanks
  6. Had a similar problem just this morning with a Trilian Bass instrument track. Copy and paste failed to work, even the "Copy Special" and "Paste Special" dialog boxes wouldn't appear after I selected them from the menu. I finally got paste to work from the menu list that appears in the little box at the end of the Midi track. Tried closing the project figuring that might re-set the functions. Didn't help. Finally had to restart Bandlab to get going again. I'm running the latest version and this hadn't been a issue in the past. Anyone else seeing this?
  7. That is the first place I looked and the Show all Tracks and Buses was greyed out.
  8. I wonder if an optional setting to clear the picture cache on closing would be a good idea. This would probably slow down opening projects but solve the issue once and for all? Martins, I'll make a note of the procedure you outlined. Thanks...
  9. Opened a current project yesterday and found nothing in the track view. Console view showed the proper number of tracks, project played back as expected. In panic mode I forgot about clearing the picture cache, but loading a new empty track in track view restored the old tracks. Pretty sure this has been as issue for other users but my first time. So, can this get fixed once and for all!!! 🔊 Thanks...
  10. I tried it Mark's way and it almost worked. It brought over the audio channels and the MIDI tracks, but didn't include Superior Drummer 2 or Trilian Bass VST instruments. There's an option to manually bring in the modules you want then apply them to all the tracks. I'll do that way. Thanks again....
  11. Yes that is cool. I'll try it, Mark. Thanks for the heads up.
  12. Launched a project from Sonar 8.5.3, hit the Pro Channel arrow on an audio track expecting to see the default effects - nada, nothing there. I see where I can add them manually, but is there a default setting somewhere that will automatically populate the default Pro Channel effects? TIA......
  13. Yup, Ripple Edit works. Thanks again.
  14. Ah, OK. I'll try that. Thanks for the heads up.
  15. Can't seem to get my head around deleting measures or time in a CbL project. Seemed to be easy in Sonar 8.5.3. Any help would be appreciated.
  16. Both TTS-1 and Groovesynth work for me. Don't recall doing anything special to get them working, they just always have.
  17. I stopped buying Sonar upgrades at 8.5.3. After trying a demo of Platinum 3 I knew I wasn't moving forward with Twelvetone/Roland/Gibson. So, I installed Cakewalk/Bandlab and I have to say I'm really happy with the current version. Seems to me that when the new owners launched Bandlab there was a price of $199.00 for the Pro version? Happy to get the current version for free but what about the future? I'm willing to pay for software to keep the company going. If this has been discussed please point me to the proper topic. Or tell me to shut up about it. :>) TIA, DaveT
  18. OK, got it back. Thanks for the tip! An addendum to this; I also discovered that I had inadvertently switched to screen set #2. Bad mouse click. Switch it back to screen set 1, the track appeared as expected.
  19. I was reordering some audio tracks in the track view (this process seems clunky in Cakewalk as opposed to Sonar 8.5.3 ) and now one track is missing from the Console view. I've poked it, changed the color, resized it in the track view, nada. I've resized the console view, narrowed other tracks to make room, moved the buses around. Nothing works. Restarted Cakewalk, booted my PC. It might be hidden in the console view but I can't find the key command to show hidden tracks. I'm out of ideas other than to export the track to save it, blow the track away, add a fresh track and import. Anything else I can try??? TIA
  20. I create a Master Bus in all my projects too. Gets used as a fadeout when I set a volume envelope for the entire project.
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