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  1. SampleTank 4 CS (custom shop) is free from IK right now. Just installed it and tried their Piano VST. Seems to work OK, sounds good. Just an FYI..... Just looked down the list and found this is old news. Nevermind!
  2. Yup, I've had the same experience with TTS-1 in old Sonar 8.5.3 projects. The old project created in Sonar plays fine in Cakewalk/Bandlab. My solution is a template created in Sonar that I've added TTS to. That template is used for new projects in Cakewalk. So far it works fine.
  3. David, I looked all over Bandlab for the Insert/Time function. I even did a search on the manual, didn't see it listed. The version of TTS-1 I have is At one point I had TTS working in Bandlab by loading it into the Synth Rack. Tried this recently and TTS blew up in about 30 seconds. Figured maybe the last update finally did it in. I'll have to try creating a new project with TTS, see what happens. If it breaks I'll let you know, send you the file. Thanks for the heads up on Insert Time/Measures.
  4. The TTS-1 crash and the lack of Insert Time/Measures thing in BandLab has bugged me for a long time. So, just for grins I loaded up a MIDI tune in Sonar 8.5.3 - 64 bit. Loaded Superior Drummer, Tilian, and TTS-1. Everything worked as expected. Assigned MIDI instrument tracks to TTS-1, works fine. Played TTS-1 with my Roland keyboard, seems to work OK. Next I inserted some measures in the project, worked as expected. Called up the project in Bandlab. Everything loaded and played as expected. I also launched the TTS-1 GUI in Bandlab, poked at it with my Roland Juno 106, seems to play fine. Trying to play TTS-1 in Bandlab always resulted in a crash. I don't use TTS-1 much but once in a while I need it. The Insert Time/ Measures thing is something I really miss. BTW, switching back and forth between Sonar and Bandlab will result in this message; Just passing this along......
  5. Magma makes a PCI expansion chassis that I've seen UAD users put their PCI cards in. Here' s one on EBay; https://www.ebay.com/itm/Magma-PE6R4-I-6-Slot-PCI-Express-Expansion-Chassis-w-PCIe-Host-Card/254473727618?epid=1501629385&hash=item3b3fd0ee82:g:YdUAAOSwh8pd-9T- There might be similar boxes out there. Personally never used one of these so you should query other users. Keeps your Layla going and works for your budget.
  6. Sorry you're still having trouble. FWIW I did send support an email about getting rid of the Assistant. Or better yet just allow us to download an update file. Support responded there was concern on their end that a downloaded update file could end up on a questionable website. Maybe the file could be infected or something. Good point I guess but I wouldn't download an update file from anywhere but the vendors website.
  7. Good idea, will follow your advice for future updates.
  8. Had some trouble with the Assistant last week. I just don't see the advantage of using an app like this for updates. I think most of us are smart enough to locate and download a file from a web page then run the install. I would suggest we message support and ask to be rid of this, or at least get an alternative method for those of us that can download a file. Hell, RME posts update files. Always have, works fine.
  9. OK, never mind. Uninstalled the Assistant, reboot, reinstall - works now. Not sure what happened with this box. It had not been used in a few months and there were a bunch of Windows updates that seem to take a very long time to install and run the "Windows Configuration" process multiple times. I'm thinking some of the updates were not done and got in the way of the Assistant install. Anyway, it's fixed.
  10. Updating a Win 7 Pro box this morning. BL wants to use a new version of the assistant, so I download and install. When I click on the Windows Assistant shortcut I can see the Assistant launch, then it minimizes to the task bar. Don't see the usual right click restore options on the task bar icon. Repeated clicking the task bar icon seems to launch multiple instances of the Assistant, I can see them in task manager. Did a google for this issue, found some solutions but none of them work. Other task bar icons launch and run as expected. Anyone else seeing this? Got a solution? FWIW, I updated another Win 7 Pro laptop yesterday, worked fine.
  11. Search for this topic. It's a few pages back.
  12. I've seen TTS-1 at the top of the synth list as well. Must be a setting somewhere. I'm certain that this got broken on a prior update, but since it's not supported I wouldn't expect a fix. Probably time to move on to Sampletank or similar. Thanks for the work Terry.
  13. That's exactly what happened when I loaded TTS as an Instrument Track. It will load, the GUI appears as normal, I could poke around in it with a mouse. Soon as I hit it with a note from either of my Roland keyboards - it would blow up, kill Cakewalk dead. Loaded from the Synth Rack, works perfect for me. I would open a ticket with support (if you haven't already). Something got broken a while back and the developers need to look at this.
  14. I suffer crashes with TTS when I load it as a Simple Instrument Track. The fix was to load it in the Synth Rack View. The same goes for Roland Groove Synth and Dimension Pro. And like you I have some old projects with TTS-1 and they work fine - because I loaded them in the Synth Rack like we used to in Sonar. FWIW, I opened a support ticket about this, then closed it after I figured out how to fix TTS-1. I should also note that Superior Drummer, Trilian and NI B4 load fine as Simple Instrument Tracks in the Track View and I informed support about this. And, the Simple Instrument Track insert used to work fine because I used it a lot. Something changed a few updates back.
  15. How are you loading this VST instrument? Synth Rack or Insert Instrument Track?
  16. Humm - OK. I've seen the "feed back" thing happen with a built in sound card. Don't know anything about the interface you have. Don't know what to say.
  17. What audio interface are you using? This sound like a "What You Hear" issue with a built in sound card.
  18. Freyja, Thanks for the info. I figured out yesterday what the problem is. I've been loading VST instruments from the "Add (or insert?) Instrument Track" in track view. This doesn't work (at least in my case) for TTS-1, Dimension Pro and Roland Groove Synth. Works fine for Superior Drummer 2, Trilian, all the SI instruments and NI B4. Switched to loading TTS-1 (and the other suspects) in the Synth Rack, works perfect. I opened a case with support about this, they have responded and I've provided the fix as outlined above. I know the "Add Instrument Track" used to work so somewhere along the update line it got broken. DaveT
  19. yeah, I agree the install looks wrong. I would reinstall on the C:\ drive.
  20. The path to BREVERB looks odd to me. Here's mine; C:\Program Files\Cakewalk\Vstplugins\BREVERB SONAR\BREVERB 2 Cakewalk-64.dll BREVERB works fine for me. Maybe a complete reinstall with the default paths??
  21. Noob, Welcome to the world of DAW. Just so we're on the same page, the DAW doesn't make music - you do. The DAW only translates your input into something you can listen to or share. Back in the day (like Pro Audio 7) we used written tutorials and manuals. These days Youtube is your friend. We're glad to have you aboard but you have to do the work. Respectfully.... :>)
  22. Kevin, 44.1/24bit. That's the first thing I thought of when this issue started up. DaveT
  23. Bob, Pretty sure I've narrowed this issue down. I can load up TTS-1, poke at it with a mouse, change some stuff in the GUI. But as soon as I hit a key on my MIDI keyboard it blows up. I can recreate this behavior with a Roland Juno-6 and a simple Roland MIDI controller. I've looked at my MIDI settings, changed MIDI cables, don't see anything out of place. Not sure what else to do. Later, DaveT
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