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  1. I'll get this after I tinker with the external USB drives I use for recordings or general data use. Sometimes I don't plug the USB drives back into port Bandlab expects to see and Windows renames the drive letter. Browsing for a project usually straightens everything out.
  2. Opened a project this morning where the Trilian Bass synth track was in freeze mode. Did an unfreeze and 12 measures of MIDI data at the beginning of the track is missing. The MIDI track is still at it's proper length and Trilian plays normally beginning at measure 13. I can see data all the way to the end, looks normal from measure 13. Pretty sure I bounced all the bass track data to clips long ago. When I "undo" the unfreeze thing the track reverts to audio data and it plays just as it should from the beginning. Anyone else experience this or know how to fix it? TIA
  3. Searched and found this: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4023814/some-versions-of-windows-10-display-a-notification-to-install-the-late It appears you haven't done the Windows 10 updates?
  4. davet

    Roll Back

    Randall, I keep backups of old versions on my PC. I got the impression there was a formal drop down menu function built in. Something like "clean the audio disk". Thanx for the reply.
  5. Someone posted a comment a while back about a version Roll Back. I've searched the current reference guide, poked around the program and the assistant. I don't see it. Anyone know where it is? Thanx
  6. Yup, this has been a PITA for years. A "Stop" marker would be helpful.
  7. Thanks for the follow up. Lots of adapters involved. I'll check the RME forum to see if there's a significant performance increase over USB.
  8. Configure your browser so downloads are delivered you your desktop. You can adjust settings in Chrome to do this. Pretty sure Edge will too.
  9. I'm surprised you got playback to work. The common wisdom over on GearSlutz is PC Thunderbolt to Firewire will never work. I was looking into this subject because I bought a new HP Laptop with Thunderbolt that was supported by UAD. I had considered jumping ship from my RME UCX to UAD Apollo but never pulled the trigger. So, I looked around for an adapter, cable or some way to experiment with Thunderbolt to RME Firewire. All I could find was a Startech TB to FW box that was $300.00. Moreover all the GearSlutz talk on the subject said Nada, Ziltch, No Way, won't work. But hey, if you get working properly let us know!!
  10. I did complain to Bandlab months ago the first time I ran into the Assistant update issue. I asked why they didn't simply post a link to an update file like other vendors do. They were concerned that an update file could get posted at some unsavory website where it might be tampered with. I suppose that could happen, but all the years I've been downloading "updates" I've never seen a file manipulated this way. Maybe other people get their updates where ever they can, but I get mine from the vendor I'm working with. Bandlab, Toontracks, RME, Spectrasonic, etc. BTW, I had to update the latest Assistant using my method. It's a PITA but certainly not a deal breaker for software like Bandlab.
  11. Good call Tez. I always run my PCs with Admin level rights and assume all DAW users do the same.
  12. I've had this problem too. Try uninstalling Bandlab Assistant, reboot, then find the website link to down load the latest install file. https://www.bandlab.com/download Let us know if this works.
  13. As I recall when Session Drummer first appeared this question was asked. The answer was to copy the .DLL and rename it with a 2 on the end. Like sessiondrummer2.dll Pretty sure you have to rescan your plugins. I tried this a long time a go and it worked. YMMV with Drum Pro.
  14. Try adding it to the Synth Rack first, then open it. I too have had the same problem with the Simple Instrument Track freeze.
  15. This happens to me if one note is too long and it bumps into another. I've had to manually adjust ( or shorten) the offending note so it doesn't clip off the next note. As far as I know It has been this way since Sonar 8.5.3. I don't use external sound modules anymore, just VST or DXI instruments. BTW, this is very noticeable in the bass synth Trilian.
  16. RME UCX. Rock solid performance. A few less preamps and way more money than I think you have been paying but it works - all the time. Use that stimulus money and buy one. :>)
  17. Learn to use MIDI. If I'm building a backing track of a popular song ( ie "I Thank You" - Z.Z. Top) I can usually find a free MIDI file that has all the basics. Some are way better than others so you have to learn how to work with MIDI to sort them out. In the past I have purchased MIDI tracks built by companies that really know their stuff. This might be the best option if you're new to all this. Once you figure out MIDI there's a ton of stuff you can do. An example is over on the Gilmorish site (David Gilmore - Pink Floyd) there are a bunch of free Pink Floyd MIDI file backing tracks that are very good. Your favorite artists may have something similar. Check around, you'll find some decent stuff to work with.
  18. When I was looking at UA TB interfaces UA posted a list of approved laptops that would support their hardware. Is your laptop on the list? FWIW, my HP Zbook G3 is on the list, but I never pulled the trigger on buying a TB box.
  19. SampleTank 4 CS (custom shop) is free from IK right now. Just installed it and tried their Piano VST. Seems to work OK, sounds good. Just an FYI..... Just looked down the list and found this is old news. Nevermind!
  20. Yup, thanks for this!!
  21. Yup, I've had the same experience with TTS-1 in old Sonar 8.5.3 projects. The old project created in Sonar plays fine in Cakewalk/Bandlab. My solution is a template created in Sonar that I've added TTS to. That template is used for new projects in Cakewalk. So far it works fine.
  22. David, I looked all over Bandlab for the Insert/Time function. I even did a search on the manual, didn't see it listed. The version of TTS-1 I have is At one point I had TTS working in Bandlab by loading it into the Synth Rack. Tried this recently and TTS blew up in about 30 seconds. Figured maybe the last update finally did it in. I'll have to try creating a new project with TTS, see what happens. If it breaks I'll let you know, send you the file. Thanks for the heads up on Insert Time/Measures.
  23. The TTS-1 crash and the lack of Insert Time/Measures thing in BandLab has bugged me for a long time. So, just for grins I loaded up a MIDI tune in Sonar 8.5.3 - 64 bit. Loaded Superior Drummer, Tilian, and TTS-1. Everything worked as expected. Assigned MIDI instrument tracks to TTS-1, works fine. Played TTS-1 with my Roland keyboard, seems to work OK. Next I inserted some measures in the project, worked as expected. Called up the project in Bandlab. Everything loaded and played as expected. I also launched the TTS-1 GUI in Bandlab, poked at it with my Roland Juno 106, seems to play fine. Trying to play TTS-1 in Bandlab always resulted in a crash. I don't use TTS-1 much but once in a while I need it. The Insert Time/ Measures thing is something I really miss. BTW, switching back and forth between Sonar and Bandlab will result in this message; Just passing this along......
  24. Magma makes a PCI expansion chassis that I've seen UAD users put their PCI cards in. Here' s one on EBay; https://www.ebay.com/itm/Magma-PE6R4-I-6-Slot-PCI-Express-Expansion-Chassis-w-PCIe-Host-Card/254473727618?epid=1501629385&hash=item3b3fd0ee82:g:YdUAAOSwh8pd-9T- There might be similar boxes out there. Personally never used one of these so you should query other users. Keeps your Layla going and works for your budget.
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