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  1. tonyc

    MAC and bootcamp

    hello there so i just found out about this software bootcamp for mac user , i was wondering if by using this software i can use CW with my i mac? any one have tried , how well cw works with mac
  2. Hello there ,so ive bin having few problems with cakewalk bandlab when i record using soft synth and audio imputs the cw stop responding needless to say that i lost all my work and i am unable to open the application unless i restart my pc then once i reopen cw a message cames up the there is no audio and a silent buses are detected, im using roland quad capture for interface ,window 10 and im using native instrument for synth....any idea??
  3. tonyc


    hello i was wondering i have many stand alone vst's but like the TTS1 the best , anyway where do i find compatible sound that can be used with the tts1 (*.gmn type file) or any other type of softh synth that are compatible with it???? thank you in advance
  4. does anyone out there use any cakewalk or any daw in this matter in live gigs ? do you pack your laptop or pc and use your daw on stage on live performances ? if yes how do you deal with dropouts and slow loading ???
  5. is it possible to change tempo to a audio mp3 drum sample ?? sonar platinum
  6. i had the same problem but since the last window update seams to be ok now window 10 also i had to update the midi interface im using roland quad capture
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