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  1. I've been working on a certain sound/preset that I really like, but there is 1 thing bugging me. Basically its a harp sound, but the problem is if you keep spamming a single key there will be multiple voices of the same note ringing creating a heavy chorus type sound rather than stopping the note and restarting it with each press of the key. How do I change this? Sort of like changing Polyphany, except Polyphany is a global setting, if I set it to 1, it means only one note is allowed to ring at a time no matter how many notes you have pressed. I need multiple notes/voices to ring but only 1 instance of each.
  2. Yea, I originally picked up Sonar and Music Creator along with Z3ta+2 in a Steam sale years ago for dirt cheap. Adding a scan path wasnt a problem Cakewalk is exactly what I was used to with Sonar & Music Creator so no issues there just an extra hoop to jump through. I could probably copy/paste the 64 bit vst3 into my regular vst3 folder and have avoided having to add a new scan path.... idk, just seemed simpler to add a new path to make sure I didnt mess anything up with steam needing to authenticate it or anything. Steam actually automatically installs Z3ta+2 32 bit VST2 and VST3 version in my regular vst folders, so when I install a new daw or scan it automatically picks them up right off. Not sure why it didnt do that with the 64 bit version.
  3. It specifies the other was 32 bit. No worries now that I got it over to the 64 bit version. It is a scaling issue for sure. I changed the scale and it fixes it. However, since I have a high DPI display it makes everything else too damn small lol. I can disable scaling in the app to where it stays at 100% but while the global setting is at 150% (in 1080p).. If I change the global setting to 125% that seems to be the ticket for the app, but for the global setting everything is too small and hard to read. Doesnt seem there is a way to set a specific number for the app. As I need the app to be at 125% and the global setting at 150%. Oh well, guess I'll just have to deal with it. Thanks for the suggestion.
  4. Yea no, mine is huge. Would the scaling be within windows 10 or within Cakewalk? Where would I check that? I did notice that I didnt have the 64 bit vst3 version available. I was running the 32 bit vst2 version... Not sure why it didnt show up initially as I have it in my vst3 folder but I had to switch it to the Steam directory for Z3ta+2 64 vst3 for it to show up. Anyways since I opened the 64 bit vst3 version I now have scroll bars to move around where I didnt before as you can see below. So thats a massive improvement and at least makes to where I'm able to see everything, even if I have to manually drag scroll bars around to get to it. (Scroll wheel doesnt move it for some reason which is annoying to say the least lol.) But its still too big for the screen.
  5. Not really. I was running at 1080p as for whatever reason games tend to crash more when I have my laptop set to the full resolution despite having graphics settings to 720p or less. But the full resolution is 3200x1800, which I have switched to to see if there is any difference and there is not. No, see above, I was running in 1080p for other reasons, but have switched to the max resolution of 3200x1800 which doesnt make a difference. My laptop is quite old, its a Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro i7 w/8gb Ram. Its very finicky with display drivers so I have to run an old driver thats compatible with this machine. I suppose that could be at play, but I dont really have any issues in other programs. Funny enough, I still have Sonar X3 and Music Creator 6 installed and they have absolutely no problems what so ever, Z3ta is sized perfectly fine. I installed Reaper last night to test, and found that Z3ta is too big in that as well... Vital is too big in Reaper too, but at least fits on the screen in Cakewalk. What Abacab said. Plugin UI stays the same huge size and the window just crops it out when you resize it.
  6. Just installed Cakewalk, as a long time Sonar X3 and Music Creator 6 Touch user, figured I'd see what Cakewalk offered now that its gone free. So far its nice, however, the plugin window for Z3ta 2(which coincidentally is a soft synth made by Cakewalk), is too big and I cant figure out how to resize it. It cuts the bottom off by quite a bit. I think I could still use it but I cant even move the window up to see whats at the bottom if I wanted to. Is there a way to resize it? Z3ta is one of my favorite plugins, really would like to get it worked out.
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