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  1. @Variorum I found it, I found the song that the midi "Song5" is based off of. Took me forever, but I got it. The midi is modeled after Get Back In Love by Tatsuro Yamashita,1988. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w7dxbap7F_Y Sorry for the radio silence, hopefully you get this message even after all this time.
  2. I meant to message you back sooner, but the weekend was a nightmare. I didn't manage to find a duplicate of the file, sadly. But I did learn some things of note. WinJammer was made for Windows 3.1 which was released in 1993. Which means that 1993 is about as early as this midi could have been made. It's also a GS midi, which means it may have been made before 1994 when the XG format was created. WinJammer may not have supported XG until it's Windows 95 release. This points towards 1993 to 1994 being the potential years the midi was created but this is just a theory as GS was still available as a format past this time frame. I'll be looking into jazz midis as well as jazz works of those years to see if there is anything there. I find the search interesting and I get to hear a lot of cool jazz songs along the way. I'll let you know if I find more.
  3. Hey, Variorum. I've been scouring the net looking for info on this midi but found very little so far. What I've found suggests that it's not a WinJammer demo file, but rather the "WinJammer Demo" refers to the shareware WinJammer Demo (as opposed to WinJammer Pro), which puts WinJammer Demo in every midi's meta info. I believe this as I've found many midis with "WinJammer Demo" in the midi info. It probably served as a watermark of sorts back in the day. I do have an idea to find out what the midi might be though, but I would need the midi to do so. I'm a midi connoisseur and I have dumped several Gb of midis from the web onto a hard drive. If I had the midi I could compare byte for byte the content of the midi with all the midis in my collection, potentially I might already have the midi under another name besides "SONG5.MID" as many duplicates of the same midi exist on the web under many differing names. I also just want the midi because it's an awesome piece and I'd love to mess around with it myself. Let me know what you think until then I'll continue my search for info on this midi.
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