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  1. Hello, I am using Helix Native 3.5.2 (HelixN) in Cbl. I have been using it as a basic player for a while; but, I decided to improve my set up and that's where the fun began. I have an old Line 6 FBV Express Mkii (FBV) midi control pedal available so I have been learning in the school of hard knocks about setting it up. I set it up as a Midi Device. Then as a an Control Surface (ACT Midi Controller). All good. I have struggled with the Midi Learn functions of the ACT Midi Controller (ACT) and those in HelixN. The very first issue I had to discover the hard way was that the HelixN has a menu option on the VS3 menu that reads "ENABLE MIDI INPUT". It took me a lot of effort to find that one. So, I added a midi track and enabled the input. Wow, it's working. The problem now is I can't get the previous incorrect midi assignments to go away and they seem to be block the new assignments I'm trying to make. I really need to know how to wipe the old mappings and start with a clean slate now that I've gotten the midi configuration working. Not sure what to try now. Have created a new project. Have reinstalled HelixN. Nothing changes. Anybody, know how to wipe the bad mappings in ACT or HelixN or both? I would appreciate any experience you might have with something similar. Thanks!
  2. Thank you Promidi for responding. I'm certainly being exposed as an absolute Noob. I was looking again at my Owner's Manual to learn how to split and adjust as you were suggesting. In the process i learned how to adjust the octave from play mode. Too easy, Hit the "- Octave" button or "+ Octave" button as needed. That one adjustment accomplishes my fundamental objective. Thanks for the clue. For anyone else that might stumble across this thread, I would still like to learn more about Roland keysets and how to manage them using the A-Pro Editor. So feel free to provide any information on that topic, as well.
  3. I am using a Roland A-800 Pro I bought as demo a while back. I bought it believing that it worked well with Sonar so it should work with Cakewalk by Bandlab. That is the case. I have gotten the the A-800 set up as an instrument/device and a Control Surface. Still learning about how to use it, but it is working. My little projects involve entering some sheet music using step record and am having pretty good success. However, most of the music i am entering has notes lower than the default mapping of the keyboard on the f-clef (ie lower than C3). The default mapping of the A-800 is C3 thru C8. I would really like to learn how to custom map the 61 keys to the range of C2 thru C7. So far the Roland Owner's Manual has not been much help. There is an application called the A-PRO Editor. The Menu Options=Show Keyboard Panel window has a drop down setting for Upper (keyset)and Lower (keyset) Octave that appears to enable you to lower or raise the Octave. Unfortunately, I have not been able to make it work. Has anyone been able to successfully apply a custom key mapping and then use it without to much hassle. I am open to any tips, clues or good leads. Cheers, Marty
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