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  1. I'm using the latest Cakewalk release. I've been watching the video tutorial on mixing.. For trimming a track, it shows having the cursor in Smart mode and clicking on either end of a track, then pulling inward to do the trim. When I click on the end of a track, nothing happens except that the time-now indicator gets placed there. The cursor does not change to a two-arrow icon, it just remains the normal arrow. If I "pull inward" with that cursor, all it does is create a time-selection. I really want to trim the track... how can I actually do that??
  2. This seems like an AWFULLY basic question, but... In my Cakewalk by Bandlab interface, I want to apply an fx (Izotope Ozone 😎 to the Master bus, but... I can't find the Master bus. The documentation says it's below the tracks, but it's not. There's a Bus Pane, but there's nothing in it. Do I have to explicitly CREATE/INSERT a Master Bus? Currently, the outputs of all my tracks are assigned to the first stereo pair of my Focusrite Scarlett. I can hear everything just fine on playback, through the Scarlett., but I can't assign an fx directly to the stereo output pair. Do I have to create a Master Bus and assign the Scarlett's outputs to that bus?? I had assumed that a Master Bus would exist "automatically", but apparently I misunderstood...?
  3. Within Cakewalk (version 2018.09), I do Help/Check for Update. It tells me there is an update. I click the Update button. I get a message saying the update failed - something went wrong, and I should try again. Trying again doesn't do any good: same result. Repeatedly. Is there a better way to update?
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