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  1. On 5/16/2019 at 2:40 PM, msmcleod said:

    Perhaps its worth trying the MackieControl surface again?

    I had a similar problem with jerky / slow / unresponsive faders with my Mackie MCU until I upgraded the firmware.

    The other thing to look at is your MIDI buffer settings:


    Control surfaces are VERY chatty over MIDI, so there's a possibility that it could be losing MIDI messages if this is set to too small a value. I've got mine set at 750, which works well for me.

    Also avoid having your surface connected to a USB hub - have it connected to a dedicated USB port if possible.

    You have to readjust the faders and touch sensitivity, turn off, turn on holding pan 1 down wait a few seconds release. The faders will go up and down rapidly, use pan 8 and slow it down don't have it set too fast you will get juddery faders. Once set press pan 8. To adjust touch, turn off , turn on holding down pan 2 the more lights on the worst the sensitivity, take it down to 2 lights via pan 8 then press pan 8 to accept.

  2. hi, i have the behringer bcf2000, i can access to control 1st compressor and the eq but cant seem to access the other modules unless they are physically movd o the 1st 2 positions. i know the eq and 1st compressor is set can the others be made default so bcf can get to them? i can acess fx in fx bin with bcf but not everything in prochannel rack. am i doing something wrong? or is there a way to makke other modules seen

  3. It has music theory tool in the midi inspector it has snap to scale function so if you input notes manually in piano roll it will only allow notes in that scale, which is great but if it could give 100s of inversions and ability to use single not to do chord inversion it would be great. Even fl studio have this 

  4. A few weeks ago I asked about cakewalk having music theory tools, and found it in midi inspector.great tool the down side can only be used to input notes manually in piano roll. Not that it's a problem but would like to see it devoloped more so you can play the scale using 1finger or it to be able to print it out(if you know what I mean) And before everyone starts shouting you can use scaler instachords etc be nice to have it inhouse...... Or is it here ???

  5. hey jess now that cakewalk has sorted out pro channels for mcu, have you got the info on how to acess thes from bcf 2000, i can get to compressor and eq but anything under them can not accesws them, can you help or anyone knows?

  6. Thanks Bob, no just thought the daw had or would be incorporating chord progression stuff like instachords or something like what waveform has where it would generate diferent inversions of chords played. cal has some stuff that does that but not to the degree of studio one and waveform. please not not a big issue so guys reading dont go mad lol


  7. Thanks guys, sort of thing I'm talking about is like chord progression, scaling I understand that studio 1 waveform and even to studio has these built in. Yes I could it scaler instachords etc but would be cool in cakewalk.

    Cal was really cool in cakewalk back in the day shame it was dropped as there was useful scripts in them. Isn't there script to get off the forum or wasn't someone building extra ones?

  8. Thanks for all the replies, for some reason it seems to have sorted it self out, I could open from file drop down, but not from start page. Once I'd open them from file drop down it then seemed to work. Sorry for tantrum but my wish list for cbb is the app allows roll back incase of issues

  9. To add to this, f you install the band lab app that will install cbb for you  just use your same login that you use in sonar and it will opt all of your instruments from sonar. You shouldn't have to tell it where your song folders are or vst it will already know. Cbb is a very good improvement from old sonar. It's mostly under hood changes s transition from sonar to cbb shouldn't be a pain

  10. I managed to get it working even after re installing it still would not trigger, I had to re load configuration settings in configuration then it started working again. I've been using cakewalk a long time and never had an update do this. I still have my old cakewalk on PC and the same keyboard had no problem triggering midi. Hope this helps anyone who may have the same issue


  11. IAM unable to trigger vst instruments since last update,i open previous project but no instruments in routing, just shows route to metronome bus. Put a fresh track and the same. The midi indicator flashes but no trigger. Yet I can trigger from virtual keys. I open my old sonar no problem with Sam keyboard. And even more strange in CBB cakewalk will play a project and trigger midi notes but not from keyboard ,Very poor update

  12. dont get me wrong not embarrassed to have the name cakewalk, cakewalk the brand is dead and long live the bandlab name.  funny enough i still call cbb sonar, sonar or cakewalk didnt fail gibson did so could of called it sonar by bandlab. i,ll shut up lol i am very happy what ever we call it!

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