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  1. Hi guys Apols for the late response, thank you for your help and yes! Freeze tracks is now one of my best friends 😆 Best Wishes Paul
  2. Hi I downloaded Amplitube 5 free a couple of months ago and last weekend, I upgraded it to Amplitube Max. After spending time enjoying the different sounds and settings, I decided It was time to start recording. Everything started off fine, however, the more track I recorded, the audio started to crack, this has got worse with the more tracks I have added, causing audio dropout. I have set everything correctly, buffer size ASIO etc, I can make the cracking stop by putting most tracks on standby via the fx bypass rack, this would be no problem if I was mixing or Gain staging. I have tried setting the buffer size to maximum, during playback and it is still cracking. For some recordings it would be fine to have no effects as I can add them later, a little bit like reamping, however, the song I am currently working on, really needs effects, as it needs them for the recording vibe. If any can help me fix this, I would be more than happy. Cheers Paul
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