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  1. And there it is again. It's never asctuall "Calkewalk" itself with this forum!
  2. Here's the thing if i already did my thing in reporting the issue. I dont see the need to answer anyone here (NO DISRESPECT AT ALL.) My system specs (as stated in the previous post) has absolutely nothing to do with a crash. I honestly do see how that can help. If it is "system related" then its between Cakewalk and Windows. Not system specs! 30years making music and never heard such a thing. You holding this DAW back by blaming "System hardware and specs" everytime it crash. Why doesnt Studio One, Reaper or Cubase crash with the same system specs everyone here keep crying about?
  3. This release is a bit of a disappointment. Waited so long just for this? Well, I hope it wont crash this time.
  4. Kyle Davis

    New release

    Well, a question is what i was asking. When is tge new release coming out. Dont know what system specs has to do with the issue, if it was working just fine in a previous release! THAT MEANS THIS RELEASE IS UNSTABLE if i'm having trouble with this one and not any of the previous.
  5. Kyle Davis

    New release

    Thanks, I will.
  6. Kyle Davis

    New release

    Nothing relevant in what you're saying.
  7. Kyle Davis

    New release

    Prior to this release Cakewalk was working just fine. So i do not see the relevance in answering on what you are asking me to provide (without being disrespected.)
  8. Kyle Davis

    New release

    FYI: I do not use plugins. It reads that simple. I use my mixers onboard effects.
  9. Kyle Davis

    New release

    So what you're saying is: the coding of Cakewalk is too old for my system? I've been using this DAW 30 years and i have never heard such nonsense (no disrepect.) I bet you it cant be a plugin, because i dont use virtual instruments. Everything was working 100% prior to this release.
  10. Kyle Davis

    New release

    Hi. Im new to the forum, but not cakewalk. I'd been experiencing a lot of crashes with this release. Most of the time it's on a clean new empty template and when i delete a track. It has been over a month that this has been happening. My system is always up to date, so it is not that. When will the new release come out perhaps?
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