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  1. A lot of the presets seem to be set too loud/hot. Use the overall volume control on the top right of the interface to turn it down and see if that tames the crackle you're hearing. I'm also a guitarist and same here... having a blast running through presets, but way too many to actually get any sense of which ones I like more than others. I do favorite ones that strike me in a particularly good way when I find them.
  2. This last burst was pretty wild. Less than a week ago I was doubting it would even hit the 3k mark!
  3. The semantics of this whole thing mean nothing to me. I just got everything that's in Syntronik 2 Max for $35. I'm thrilled. And it sounds frikkin' awesome. More fun and inspiring that I imagined it could be. This thread was super positive until the group buy crossed the 3k threshold (and it's really blow past it, amazing). Now this whole "Maxgate" thing has erupted. I just don't see the scandal.
  4. Thanks. Yes, everything appears to be in place and working as it should be, so I'll continue to not bother with CS.
  5. I have Syntronik 2 installed, along with every one of the synths. I never installed Syntronik CS. Should I? Is there anything extra going on with that?
  6. I didn't. And everything seems to be working fine, but interesting question.
  7. So radio silence from IK on these Multis so far, huh?
  8. Anyone know where those Multis can be downloaded?
  9. While we're waiting on that last synth to be posted, when will the Multis be available for download, and where will that download be found?
  10. This final trickle is definitely crawling compared to the blast we had in the last 24-48 hours.
  11. My Mac's internal SSD is only 250GB, but I use a 1TB Samsung USB-C audio drive with plenty of free space so I put all my sample libraries on that external drive.
  12. It's looking like no, right now at least. Things could change. But there's a really nice pace going. Should have another freebie in place by tomorrow morning (or even later tonight), then only 2 more to go!
  13. I was considering these, but I needed to complete my PA system. It was either put the money into the PA or drop it on Arturia Collection. I chose the PA system. This Group Buy made the decision easier as I'm REALLY enjoying the sounds I'm getting out of Syntronik. Syntronik is also much easier to read on screen for me. Larger text and controls that make a huge difference for my old eyes.
  14. Also a guitar player, but I'm taking this opportunity to learn keys a lot better. It helps that Syntronik has so many killer inspiring sounds. Makes me want to play more. Guitars are getting jealous.
  15. At this point we need less than 75 per day to reach the 3k. Last two days have been well over 100 a day. ***hopeful***
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