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  1. Thanks CCLarry! Since both products have free trial period, I would definitely encourage everyone to give it a try! Apart from the licensing/upgrade model, I believe there are some technical differences and depending on what you want to do, they may help you in your selection: - Personalized HRTF: this is the foundation of all of our products, we tune the settings to your ears, we do not use generic HRTFs, presets, etc. You can see a bit more about this process in this video here - Alan Meyerson's studio is capable of mixing up to 7.1.6, from virtual surround up to Atmos - We provide plugins and also a standalone version for compatibility with Dolby Atmos renderer If any of the features above are relevant for you, then you might want to check it out!
  2. Thanks Barrie, appreciate the feedback! I'll definitely share it internally as we do not want to confuse our users with our product offering. In the meantime, let me provide you a quick feedback on the headphones supported on our Pro Audio products: On our Immerse Virtual Studio AVID, All Access, and Alan Meyerson products, the list of headphones supported is here: https://embody.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/4409740853273-What-headphones-does-Immerse-Virtual-Studio-Surround-support- We do have two products which are headset brand specific: Reveal+ (supports all Audeze headsets mentioned in the link above as well as the generic headphone models), and Audio-Technica (which supports the Audio-Technica headsets mentioned in the link above as well as the generic models). I hope the headset part is a bit more clear after this. I'll see how we can make our product offering simpler as well.
  3. Thanks CCLarry! Yes, these are the studios included in our Immerse Virtual Studio All Access, Audio Technica, and Reaveal+ solutions!! On the other hand, Immerse Virtual Studio Alan Meyerson Signature Edition is a single studio plugin+standalone app.
  4. Hi Barrie! This offer from Plugin Alliance includes Embody's Immerse Virtual Studio Alan Meyerson Signature Edition. It consists of a single virtual studio (Alan Meyerson's), and the software basically has 2 components, which should allow you to have a flexible workflow: - Plugin to be used with any DAW (we provide VST3, AAX and AU plugins) - A standalone version that you can use to route your DAW (or Atmos renderer) output. Our software includes a multichannel virtual audio cable that allows you to connect your DAW to Immerse Virtual Studio Alan Meyerson standalone application You have all the info here: https://embody.co/pages/ivs-alan-meyerson, where you will also find links to some very useful YT videos showing the setup, different workflows when using plugin or standalone version, etc. For any further question you can send an email to support@embodyvr.co and we will be very happy to help!
  5. Thanks Brian, I hear what you're saying, really. At Embody we believe that by providing a long term support and free upgrades is a better value for our users than having to pay a periodic fee, or leaving a user with a product that , with time, becomes obsolete, and starts having compatibility issues, while the user cannot ask the manufacturer for support. We really hope that our customers will value this proposal positively.
  6. Hi Niky, After 10-years, the plugin license will expire. We want to make our products accessible to users by offering a long term license (10-years) at a reasonable price without them worrying about to pay for new features and upgrades every year or so.
  7. Hi there, greetings from Embody! thanks for your interest in Immerse Virtual Studio Alan Meyerson! Just saw your comments and wanted to say that we're really sorry about the confusion created around this "lifetime" thing (I really hope my dog lives over ten years!!). We actually propose a one time payment license for 10 year duration. The word lifetime is being removed to make things clear. The reason why we limit the license to 10-year duration is because as the studio upgrades its gear which it often does, our acoustics team measures it again and brings you the most current sound of Alan’s studio as a free upgrade. During the license duration of 10-years, maintenance, and upgrades are all included. Should you have any comments or questions, I'll be glad to follow up with you. Thanks!
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