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  1. mats

    Eq for asio???

    so is a waste of money to get one of those, maybe the xenyx 802 will be great then, i wonder if this thing gives headphone amplification also
  2. mats

    Eq for asio???

    wow, that behringer is much cheaper than i expected... i can get the Xenyx 1202fx or the Xenyx 1002b for the same price of one of that crappy but expensive hardware eq's i've never had a console before, so i wonder if with one of this behringers i can do the thing of connecting both focusrite and realtek for listening and maybe at the same time using it for connecting instruments in the other inserts for recording this can be done without problems?
  3. mats

    Eq for asio???

    but the problem with that is that i need another headphones and monitors for the onboard sound, my goal is to unify everything
  4. Hi i want to be able to eq the windows 10 system sound (games, youtube, movies, etc) having asio drivers from focusrite, so far everyone recomends apo eq and others but no one work for asio, i've tried the voicemeter banana but the eq is only 3 bands and even when i change to the focusrite device when i go to use cakewalk there's a lot of clicks and pops in the sound and even the cheaper hardware eq's are super expensive in my country
  5. i think we must live with that but maybe can be fixed for future updates, and being able to link workspaces to hotkeys will be good also and the ability to automating bypass in plugins that doesn't have a button for that
  6. but that works only for going back to the same view of the same track still doesn't work if i want to change the track and go to the maximized view in one step here i did alt+6 to open staff view, alt+d to maximize, alt+1 to go back to track, change the track, alt+6 to the staff view and AGAIN doesn't open maximized
  7. with ''closing'' i tried to say that i was already using the alt+1 for going to the track view but it changes nothing, the other views keeps showing in half screen the workspaces doesn't have hotkeys wich is impractical also, i want to be able to open a midi file and open the views to see notes, piano roll etc im the track i want, so far i can't do it properly with hotkeys nor workspaces or screensets
  8. but no matter if i expand it with shift + d, when i close the view and reopen it again or pick another track i see the half of the window again...
  9. i'm using alt + numbers to open and alt + 1 to close the tabs now and every time i close one and reopen it ALWAYS DOESN'T OPEN IN FULLSCREEN, WHY THIS CAN BE SO ANNOYING FOR SOMETHING SO SIMPLE!
  10. Hi, i've noticed that when you open a tab in cakewalk (console, piano roll, etc) it goes full screen but when i doble click it the tab doesn't fold completely, it just goes like to the middle of the screen, if i want to get that out of the screen i need to go to the double arrow in the right corner of the screen wich for me is annoying, there's some way to fold the tabs completely with one click or two clicks??
  11. when everything fails only left the old uninstall, deleting all the cakewalk elements left, cleaning the registry and reinstall also deactivating the onboard soundcard
  12. i just unistalled the drivers, deleted all the focusrite folders in program data and hidden common files, deleted the focusrite entries in the registry, cleaned registry and files with ccleaner, restarted and installed the old ones having the scarlet unplugged until the finish it was in 1, i changed to 2, maybe this helps also
  13. i've rolled back to the old drivers and now there's not problem at all in anything, seems that the new drivers are garbage if someone wants to do the same: https://d2zjg0qo565n2.cloudfront.net/sites/default/files/focusrite/downloads/32406/focusriteusbinstaller4.36.5-612.exe
  14. it improves with that! but there's still a little, also i can't lower the buffer because of the distorting sound, i found that this also happens in studio one and now when i try to lower it the blue screen of win10 appears =(
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