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  1. when everything fails only left the old uninstall, deleting all the cakewalk elements left, cleaning the registry and reinstall also deactivating the onboard soundcard
  2. i just unistalled the drivers, deleted all the focusrite folders in program data and hidden common files, deleted the focusrite entries in the registry, cleaned registry and files with ccleaner, restarted and installed the old ones having the scarlet unplugged until the finish it was in 1, i changed to 2, maybe this helps also
  3. i've rolled back to the old drivers and now there's not problem at all in anything, seems that the new drivers are garbage if someone wants to do the same: https://d2zjg0qo565n2.cloudfront.net/sites/default/files/focusrite/downloads/32406/focusriteusbinstaller4.36.5-612.exe
  4. it improves with that! but there's still a little, also i can't lower the buffer because of the distorting sound, i found that this also happens in studio one and now when i try to lower it the blue screen of win10 appears =(
  5. deleted that and the latency is still bad, i also updated the focusrite drivers a time ago but it can't be the vsts, in studio one with exactly the same project i don't have latency also if you have a good pc is enough to run a lot without problems
  6. I have an scarlett 2i4 2gen with buffer in 256 and i'm having horrible latency working with plugins and fx and my guitar plugged in, if i lower the buffer to 192 the sound becomes all distorted this doesn't happen in studio one , i don't want to stop using cakewalk, but this and other silly problems are starting to annoy me a lot
  7. it's a cakewalk problem, tried another DAW and doesn't happen this
  8. Two simple but annoying problems: When i open a project with redwirez mixIR2 in the tracks an some loaded impulses the plugin doesn't sound right until i open the window of the plugin (is annoying having to click in several windows for getting the sound fine) If i use mixIR 3 instead, the previous problem disappear but if i save FX chains containing mixIR3, when i reload that chains in other project mixIR3 sounds like totally bypassed no matter what and there's no way to get it sounding right
  9. sorry for the delay, here's the dump JACKSON 2020 black 5_03142020_002542.dmp
  10. Hi, i'm having this problem when i'm playing guitar with amp sims plugged in my focusrite 2i4, everything is ok then suddenly the sound cuts and goes off, i can still see the waveform in cakewalk but nothing sounds anymore, and also the WHOLE sound of the pc is off, i mean youtube, the media player etc, i need to unplug the focusrite and plug it again to solve it Other times instead of the sound going off cakewalk closes suddenly, is really annoying
  11. hi i'm trying to test the archetype nolly, nameless suite, etc but when i explore the plugins to get it selectable cakewalk does nothing and just hangs out there, exploring the plugin any idea for being able to use it?
  12. and how do you set the scenes? i've read that the nanokontrol 2 doesn't have that feature anymore
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