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  1. Thanks everyone for your comments! There is another, less well known, Gerry Rafferty cover on my channel from the Snakes and Ladders album called "Welcome to Hollywood" (I left out the spoken parts at the start and end)
  2. Lovely song with great lyrics!
  3. Very interesting and enjoyable piece!
  4. Thanks for your comments! I have just started using Baby Audio's Crystalline reverb (which I love) so I may have gone a bit too far with it! The sax was actually recorded from a keyboard, edited as midi and then used to trigger the Native Instruments Kontakt Factory Library alto sax. I am still looking for the perfect virtual sax which I think is the most difficult instrument to emulate. A real sax player would of course be best...
  5. Here is a cover I made of this Gerry Rafferty classic, hope I did it justice... https://youtu.be/CbfMqP_eRf4
  6. Great work! Lovely backing harmonies. I would love to hear your version of Fox on the run, that song holds memories for me.
  7. I love both of these covers, especially "Don't dream it's over". Excellent vocals and great production!!
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