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  1. Thank you very much. I found the Bandlab Assistant there, uninstalled it and will go on up there. I will inform you over my next steps with it
  2. Hello dear cakewalk users, I got a very specific problem concerning the download of the brandlab assistant app and cakewalk itself. After the first download of cakewalk I searched for videos how to use it correctly and I encountered some tutorials, which advise to first download the brandlab assistant app. I uninstalled cakewalk while deleting all connotated files and then reinstalled cakewalk and the brandlab assistant app. At this point cakewalk didn't work anymore cause the brandlab assistant app claims that cakewalk is still installed, so I tried the same process again. That means to uninstall both programms again and deleting all files (not over the uninstall button I just found recently and that doesn't work either rn) and reinstall the app and the DAW. At this moment I can't find a desktop app for either of the programms after the download and in the brandlab assistant app, which is still popping up after the download, it still says that cakewalk programm is installed. There's no reaction after clicking the "uninstall" button and both systems don't work like they should. I couldn't figure out the problem and can't find any files on my PC connotated to "cakewalk" or "bandlab" which make me sure I deleted all files. Pls help me cause I am actually a full beginner at this section and just want to get a try with it some days ago. I have to add that there's no reaction when I want to use one of the buttons in the brandlab assistant app. Also the "Open" button doesn't work either... now I know that's easier to first download the brandlab assistant app and run the download process beginning there (when it still says "install" at cakewalk in the apps section). mpg_music greets all helping users
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