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  1. I just removed all vst folders, restarted and it still is hanging up at the "Creating UI". As mentioned it will eventually open, but it can take 4-5 minutes. When I opened the "basic" template in safe mode the only thing that is visible is the transport. I just clicked on view "track view" and it populated. With out any vsts I'm not sure what CbB is looking for when in normal vs. safe mode.
  2. Not sure if there is any info in here or not. Its pretty much greek to me. But there is something about shcore failure? CbB dump.txt
  3. So if I answer "yes to all" and it loads up fast like it should, what would be the difference between normal and safe?
  4. What is not being loaded in safe mode? Just vsts or is there more?
  5. scook, no go on the virus protection.
  6. If I'm opening a fresh CbB template and its taking forever to get through the Creating UI, how would it be plugin related, if no plugins have been opened yet? For what its worth a few of the full projects I've done load fine after I've renamed them. The originals open slow, but the renamed version open fine. I will give your suggestions a try.
  7. I'm still trying to find an answer to this relatively common issue. When opening a project it is hanging up at the Creating UI notification. All projects seem to open in safe mode fast. But not in normal mode. Even the CbB templates are getting stuck, and I haven't added anything to them. No VSTs nothing. Just the template file. When I opened a file in safe mode and selected "no" option to load Groove player it loaded up fast. I thought...that's it. So I closed it then tried opening it in safe mode, only choosing yes to load groove player. Mind you this is project that I had one audio track recorded, nothing else. So I'm assuming groove player is preloaded? Anyway. It loaded fast even when choosing yes. I then tried to load in normal mode and it hung up again at the Creating UI notification. Apologize for the bit of ramble....
  8. Has anyone received a definitive fix for this issue? I don't remember exactly when it started, but I'm thinking it was after a CbB update. I had been running a 3 monitor setup with no issues. I uninstalled the 3rd monitors video card to see if that's what the issue is, but it still hangs at Creating UI. Things I've tried: 1. Unchecking the notifications box- Didn't fix 2. Opening in safe mode and renaming the project- seems to fix those projects. 3. Tried to open a CbB template and it hangs. 4. Other projects still have the hang issue.
  9. And no the synth rack and plugin browser were never undocked. I do undock the mixer, but the project loaded ok with mixer undocked and the syth rack and plugin browser not open.
  10. I have installed the latest drivers. And now that you mention that, I am actually wondering if that's the issue. I got two cards I'm using for a 3 monitor setup. When I first set the cards up there was no issue. But I always get update notifications from Radeon, so I will run the updates. I'm wondering if I need to roll back to an earlier driver?
  11. I saved a copy of this project without the synth rack and the plugin browser open, and it seems to open much much faster. Why would the synth rack and browser have something to do with slowing down the opening of a project?
  12. Windows 10. Updated just a couple days ago.
  13. Scan plug ins are all unchecked in preferences. I'd say its just been since the last couple updates. That being said I thought I'd try opening a project using Sonar Platinum and I get the same sort of "hang". It'll eventually open the project, but it can literally take 5 minutes.
  14. Ok...has anyone got a definitive fix for this Creating UI hang when opening a project? I thought maybe it was project specific, but I just tried opening a new project from the "basic track" template and its still hanging.
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