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  1. And no the synth rack and plugin browser were never undocked. I do undock the mixer, but the project loaded ok with mixer undocked and the syth rack and plugin browser not open.
  2. I have installed the latest drivers. And now that you mention that, I am actually wondering if that's the issue. I got two cards I'm using for a 3 monitor setup. When I first set the cards up there was no issue. But I always get update notifications from Radeon, so I will run the updates. I'm wondering if I need to roll back to an earlier driver?
  3. I saved a copy of this project without the synth rack and the plugin browser open, and it seems to open much much faster. Why would the synth rack and browser have something to do with slowing down the opening of a project?
  4. Windows 10. Updated just a couple days ago.
  5. Scan plug ins are all unchecked in preferences. I'd say its just been since the last couple updates. That being said I thought I'd try opening a project using Sonar Platinum and I get the same sort of "hang". It'll eventually open the project, but it can literally take 5 minutes.
  6. Ok...has anyone got a definitive fix for this Creating UI hang when opening a project? I thought maybe it was project specific, but I just tried opening a new project from the "basic track" template and its still hanging.
  7. I'm not sure where this leads me, but I deleted several of the busses, including the master buss. I inserted some new busses including a new master buss and now when clicking on anything all I hear is a pop sound. From the transport to the mixer, it doesn't matter. Theres alot I don't understand what is going on, but this is not the only project its happening on. Other "older" pre platinum projects its occuring as well.
  8. Ok. So I just routed the output to of one of the audio tracks to the master bus instead of the "Clean Guitar" buss and the audio can be heard. All of the Pro Channel Global On/Off button are in the "ON" position for every track and every buss. However if I route the track to the buss it was originally going to and turn the global button to off, the audio returns. When its on there is no sound.
  9. I've been trying to open some older projects(some created with X3, some with platinum) and I'm getting this pop sound at the end of it loading. I believe the pop is an indicator, not the problem. The issue is the audio tracks can not be heard. The meters show activity, but sound. All midi tracks work properly. I can go into the project folder and play the wav files in Media Player. I've tried to copy the files into the project, but still no sound.
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