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  1. I already had Bandlab assistant msmcleod but I reinstalled it and logged in and Cakewalk had been activated! Many thanks for your help, kind regards, Phil
  2. Hi everyone, have been a Cakewalk user for many years in the Sonar days and been with Cakewalk by bandlab ever since the demise. I was using it on my music PC on Win 7 but have built my own PC and put in Win 10 since then and activated an up to date version of Cakewalk my new machine. I then went back to my previous PC with the older version of Cakewalk as I wanted to freeze my tracks of various song projects and export to my new computer but have an activation required prompt and now cannot save any projects. I have not found a way to activate both versions and have filled out a ticket but have not anything for a few days now. If anyone has had a similar problem perhaps you may be so kind as to advise or suggest, kind regards Phil
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