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  1. Me again. OK got CW loaded but 2 problems. Error message to say that a data base connection failed. It is not seeing my MOX when I go to devices.
  2. Ah. Well I got the keyboard hook up video. Clicked on edit to get to preferences to see my board. When I clicked edit all I got was 3 greyed out options. Am I thick or something. Me and daws don`t mix so well.
  3. Big thank you to all of you. Yes, the Mox does have a usb connection to transmit midi and sound. That is what I would like to start with. I do have studio monitors but due to a house move not available at present so head phones currently. As I understand it, that is pretty much all I need. So I can record the keyboard and use the VSTs, I am guessing.
  4. Guys. Thankyou very much. Going to plug the MOX via usb. Pretty high spec pc but no sound card but would be able to get one. I am a keyboardist for a very long time and have also been a composer. Again thanks. I feel welcome here.
  5. Hi everyone . Graham here from the UK> Just got the daw and to be honest, I am hopeless with this sort of thing. Can any kind person please tell me how to set up using a Yamaha MOXF please?.
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