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  1. Problem solved for me. I went to Cakewalk help center site and followed the following instructions:

    If you see an update error or experience any difficulty while attempting to update BandLab Assistant, you may want to remove your existing version and reinstall the latest version.

    1. Use the Add/Remove Programs feature from Windows to locate and remove your existing version of BandLab Assistant.

    2. Download and install the latest version of BandLab Assistant from the following link: https://www.bandlab.com/download/assistant/windows

    Now my Bandlab is updated to 6.4.0

  2. Man, it is taking a long time to download. I have a decent internet service, but for almost 3 hours I only have 1.27 gigs downloaded and 8.14 gigs to go. This might go into tomorrow and cclarry comes up with another great freebie and I'm still on the last one.

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  3. Thanks for the response, but I believe it might be a Windows 10 issue. I connected  the 128 to my laptop and it works fine. I also replaced an old hard drive with  Windows 10 on it in my main computer and the 128 worked fine. My new hard drive which is a  Samsung 860 EVO 1 tb ssd worked fine for four months with the midi 128. Three weeks ago I turned on my system and the 128 would not respond. I went thru all the unplugging, different usb ports, new cables and a couple of system restore. I get signal going in when I move any of the faders on the Mackie Controller or one of the extenders. I see an orange light on the midi inputs but no display on the midi outputs. I am not sure if or what Windows update could have cause the problem, Any more suggestions on what I can do?

  4. Thanks for the response. I tried unplugging the USB from the computer several times, but not from the back of the 128. I'll try that next to see if that corrects it. In the the past when it would not respond I did as just that, only from the computer and things would work fine. But this time unplugging from the computer did not reset the 128.

    **** Edit ****

    Tried several times unplugging the USB cable from the back of the unit and I sill get the same results. I hope that the unit is not dead or half dead. I brought new three years ago.

  5. Is there anyone experiencing Midi Express 128 not working in Cakewalk? The midi shows the channels in the Preferences, but my controller and extenders do not respond.  I tried different cables and reinstalled the drivers. The unit was working for years without issues. I'm not sure if a windows 10 update is the problem. I've tried system restore on several dates, but the same results. I have a one channel m-audio midi that I tested each unit with and they responded in Cakewalk. The mystery is that the Express 128 shows in the Preferences, eight channels in and out for the midi device and the controller/extenders assigned in and out. My controller and extenders are the Mackie MCU and Mackie Extender.  Any suggestions? 

  6. ZincT,

    That is a great "Deal" for me. When I updated OmniSphere, the download in a zip file was over 500 gbs. The download included updates for Keyscape and Trilian. After I updated OmniSphere, when I opened Keyscape and Trilian they both had additional updates. This is the first I've seen Spectrasonics with such a large update at one time. Some of the updates included new patches.

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  7. I was able to purchase the PreSonus Studio One Upgrade Download Box for $0.02 and free shipping. I received an order confirmation number.

    The next day I received an email from Musician's Friend stating my order has been cancelled. No explanation why. I guess my 2 cents wasn't worth it.


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