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  1. The way that I was able get it at a lower price was with a $50.00 discount coupon at Guitar Center. I purchased Omnisphere 1 right before Omnisphere 2 was to be release and was able to upgrade to Omnsphere 2 for free. The only time I've seen it price less was with store discount coupons or you could purchase a used license and you can still get the updates.
  2. That's where I got mine. Last time I checked Larry's post they were still there at $15.
  3. Thanks Larry, I picked the Hollywood Backup Singers. That completes the whole vocal set. I got the vocal bundle from Koby awhile back for a great price.
  4. Sent4th

    Alex Pfeffer Sale

    Thanks Larry, got the bundle that includes all twenty libraries. US dollars $22.46. Nice sounds, all the libraries downloaded is about 16.6 gigs.
  5. Sent4th

    Banned from KVR

    Great Larry, I'm glad things worked out. You are needed at KRV as well as here. I brought a couple of plugins from you at KRV that I know I couldn't have gotten a better price anywhere else. That's good news.
  6. That correct, but the loyalty voucher is only good until the end of the month.
  7. A better price for two plugins; Use the code for the Metric A/B, add a $49 plugin to your cart and use the $50 loyalty voucher, and your will have two nice plugins for $29.19.
  8. Oh no, I have a few East West libraries. I hope I don't have to re-install any of them back on my laptop if I ever have a computer crash😖.
  9. That's right locrian, I had to go into my penny jar to get this one.
  10. Great buy. Use the $25.00 survey voucher and reduced it even more down to $14.99
  11. Great, a $50 voucher but there's nothing on sale at PA. This voucher can't beat the "$29 voucher on any plugin." So I'll hold on to it till the last minute to see if a plugin I can use comes up at a sale price.
  12. PA responded to my email and re-activated my codes along with the codes I received from others. Able to get a couple more plugins. I am wiped out until my wife gives me my next allowance.
  13. Hey Fleer, I'll take two of those codes. I know where to go.😁
  14. Thanks Zo and Larry, Got it for $24.99, had a $25 monthly voucher.
  15. Thanks Larry, I missed the first freebie, but I was able to catch this one.
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