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  1. If you buy a few plugins from them, they will send you a monthly voucher starting from $25 and up. I have several of their plugins and I have received a monthly voucher every month to entice me to buy another product.
  2. Sent4th

    EastWest 60% off

    Can you still get the Opus Engine for free if you purchase from JRRSHOP? Great discount and buy for Pop Brass at $100.46.
  3. I know I am slow, but when did Waves start taxing plugins? I added the plugin to my cart, checked out and $1.80 was added for tax. WHAAATTTTTT??????????
  4. Is there any chance Steinberg might have a sale soon on a crossgrade?
  5. I'll wait for it to go on sale for $99.99
  6. Zo, If you have a loyalty voucher you can get it for $49.99. I used my $50 loyalty voucher along with the discount code for a finale cost of $49. Nice purchase.
  7. I can't get it to download. Click the download button several times and it takes me to my product page. I might have to contact support.
  8. Sent4th

    Izotope Insight 2

    Thanks cclarry, this was on my wish list at Pluginboutique: Insight 2 upgrade from Insight 1. Great, $39 is a better deal for Insight 2 than the $99 to upgrade to Insight 2.
  9. WOW!!! Eighteen seconds left and I was able to get one. Talk about about cutting it close.
  10. Okay, I deleted the files and started the download again. The server must have been overwhelmed over the past few days. The new download took about 30 minutes and the total was 8.14 GB. This is a great free plugin even if it is a lite version.
  11. What is the complete download size of the Roompack Lite? Yesterday the download was 1.27 GB with 8.14 GB to go, this morning it is 100% downloaded at 4.89 GB. Is this the correct size of the INSPIRATA Roompack Lite? What is your total downloaded size?
  12. Problem solved for me. I went to Cakewalk help center site and followed the following instructions: If you see an update error or experience any difficulty while attempting to update BandLab Assistant, you may want to remove your existing version and reinstall the latest version. 1. Use the Add/Remove Programs feature from Windows to locate and remove your existing version of BandLab Assistant. 2. Download and install the latest version of BandLab Assistant from the following link: https://www.bandlab.com/download/assistant/windows Now my Bandlab is updated to 6.4.0
  13. Man, it is taking a long time to download. I have a decent internet service, but for almost 3 hours I only have 1.27 gigs downloaded and 8.14 gigs to go. This might go into tomorrow and cclarry comes up with another great freebie and I'm still on the last one.
  14. Anxiousmofo, I stored the files to a different drive so that 9+ gigs don't take up space on my main drive. Everything down loaded ok, I will test everything later this evening.
  15. Thanks ZincT that worked, downloading now.
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