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  1. Yes, this is where you have to be quick on the draw or quick on put it in the cart and purchase. I've gotten a couple of good deals like that before they fixed the price.
  2. The price has increase to $349.99. I added it to the cart, total price with free shipping, $349.99. I did not see a discount coupon or code box. Oh well, I wait for another killer deal.
  3. Thanks Larry, I had a few best coins in the bank and was able to scoop it up for $3.51. Nice little vsts for added sound effects.
  4. I tried the purchase again after the email from BestService and they gave $22.61 for the "Hny2022" code. That amount was deducted and my finale purchased price was $299.38 thru Paypal. So that the best price I could get and I'm happy with that.🙂
  5. Support got back to me with this response: Re: Price of Product Changed at Checkout Thu, Dec 30, 2021 1:13 pm Best Service Mail (mail@bestservice.de)To:you Details Hello, Thank you for reaching out. It seems like there’s a bug with the promo code. The promo code is actually worth $/€ 20 not more, so when you proceed with the order the total amount ist right but the voucher value displayed in the cart is wrong. We are trying to fix this as soon as possible. Please excuse any inconvenience caused. Kind regards, Tom best service GmbH Manzingerweg 9 DE-81241 München main line +49 (0)89 4522892-0 direct line +49 (0)89 4522892-33 www.bestservice.de _________________________ HRB 57624 AG Muenchen GF: L.Greil & R.Leuthner Had I known that after six attempts it would have worked, like for MixBuss, I would have been a happy camper.
  6. Maybe so, but I was ready to pull the trigger on Cubase Pro crossgrade for $274.50 I haven't found a decent price for a crossgrade for Cubase.
  7. Well I got a big surprise!!😡 I went to purchase the Cubase Pro crossgrade for $321.99, picked out the free gift, entered the promo code "HNY2022" and my finale total came to $274.50 [GREAT], but when I went to checkout with Paypal, the total, excl. VAT, is $302.99. What happened?😟 Sent support an email to explain. Disappointed, I did not confirm payment until I hear from support.
  8. I was able to get the one I missed last year. Now I have all three. Man, now I can turn the stress level down.
  9. Great, I was able to get the free woodwinds that I missed last year. Now that completes the strings, brass and woodwinds
  10. Yes, you can down load the whole 130 GBs library, if you are not upgrading from EW Hollywood Diamond. If you are upgrading it is, I believe, half. I can't remember exactly when I upgraded from diamond the additional amount of the library that's added.
  11. Sent4th

    PA Xmas Sale! Day 2

    Brian, I feel your pain, I own almost all of their plugins and the highest voucher I received is $25. What does it take to get a $75 let alone a $50 voucher?
  12. Thanks for the reminder Larry. I remember that I failed to sign up for the news letter last year to get the twelve day sales and missed a freebie. Hopefully I'll get one this year even if I have to camp outside the website.
  13. Its' coming tomorrow right at the same time the monthly and Halloween vouchers expires. Stay tuned!
  14. If you buy a few plugins from them, they will send you a monthly voucher starting from $25 and up. I have several of their plugins and I have received a monthly voucher every month to entice me to buy another product.
  15. Sent4th

    EastWest 60% off

    Can you still get the Opus Engine for free if you purchase from JRRSHOP? Great discount and buy for Pop Brass at $100.46.
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