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  1. That is a good deal if you own any of the above plugins, but $175 is the same cost to upgrade from Auto-Tune Pro to Auto-Tune Pro X. I just have wait for a sale for Auto-Tune Pro upgrade. I own three of the above plugins, but my account shows that only Auto-Tune Pro can upgrade.
  2. Larry, wrong link to Zero G. I can't find it.
  3. All the plugins are back to regular prices. What can a $25 voucher do? Jan, I feel your pain. I own 80% plus and I have not received any vouchers for over a year.
  4. I haven't received any vouchers from PA lately. I wonder if I'm on their "bad boy" list?
  5. The promotion has expired. Missed the freebie.
  6. I wonder what freebie, if any Sonokinetic will have this year.
  7. Sent4th

    Gone again!

    Have a safe trip. Oh and bring back us some Vegas deals.
  8. I agree with you PavlovsCat, I picked up a couple of great deals since Larry came back.
  9. Bapu as always you are correct.🙂
  10. East West Forbidden Planet plays in Opus only, it will not show up in Play 6.
  11. Thanks Larry, This is a better price. I almost brought it awhile back at a higher cost. 😄
  12. Great Stefano, I got all of your libraries and looking forward for more tutorials. I joined the group.
  13. John when you load a synth make sure these boxes are checked.
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