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  1. It should work, I had to update mine. The software loaded and is activated. Great!
  2. Thanks for the find Joe G I purchased an e-licenser key awhile back when I was going to move to Cubase Pro 9. I didn't go Cubase ( didn't have patience to learn a new daw), so the key sat in my computer. Great, now I have a nice freebie to put it to use.
  3. Can't beat it when Koby had the Voices Bundle for $249.99. I am so glad I jumped on that deal.
  4. Thanks Pragi, Used the voucher code plus a $25 monthly voucher that plugin alliance sent. Great buy for $44. VSM-3 plus four additional plugins.
  5. Sent4th

    25% Off Waves WUP

    Did not mean to put my comment in a quote box. I hit the wrong button.
  6. Sent4th


    Monomox, You don't need a voucher for this plugin. It's listed for $19
  7. cclarry, Are your libraries on a separate drive or your main drive? I am hesitate to update if it wacks out the libraries' location. In my case, I would not look forward to reinstalling 35 libraries.
  8. East West best sales when they have the libraries discounted with BOGO promotions. I agree with you Anxiousmofo about the Play 6, but I bit the bullet and brought it. You will not go back to Play 5. Play 6 makes everything load faster.
  9. Thanks DeBro, This helps me when I can see how my projects should look. Great post
  10. I guess this may be the time to WUP my Mercury, but I am waiting if Waves will have sale on WUP or a discount anytime soon.
  11. Sent4th

    Team Group 1 TB SSD

    OK 😊 It's back in stock and in my basket for $99.00 and free shipping.
  12. Sent4th

    Team Group 1 TB SSD

    Tried it again Jesse G. Cannot add to checkout basket big red sign stating "Currently Sold Out" Keep us posted on your order. I must have missed it, I went right to Newegg as soon as I saw Larry's post.
  13. Sent4th

    Team Group 1 TB SSD

    Out of Stock☹️☹️
  14. When you post, at the bottom on the screen is a button "Notify me of replies". Make sure it is turned on. Hope this answers your question.
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