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  1. In preferences/Control Surface in Cakewalk is there a way to add the MPKMini that will allow me to record a track while playing the Mini?
  2. I have a Focusrite 6i6 connected to my laptop. My Korg keyboard and Simmons drum set are both plugged into a Mackie mixer into inputs 1&2, and 9&10 respectively. The outputs from the mixer go into inputs 3&4 on the Focusrite. The output from the Focusrite goes into a pair of powered speakers. When I play the drums or the keyboard I can hear them. The problem arises when recording into Cakewalk. I can hear previously recorded tracks and the current instrument, drums or keyboard, but I cannot hear the metronome. I have used every output available in Edit/Preferences/ Metronome/Output. I need the metronome to keep time while recording the drum tracks. Any ideas? Thanks.
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