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  1. I guess this is not considered a worthwhile feature :^( I've tagged @msmcleod and @Morten Saether a few times on this and another similar thread (https://discuss.cakewalk.com/index.php?/topic/67585-multiple-multidock-instances-request/) but haven't gotten a response ☹️. They must be really busy working on the new Sonar, so understandable. Just hope this feature eventually gets some attention and traction!
  2. I for one hope so. This is also discussed in another post I started here: https://discuss.cakewalk.com/index.php?/topic/69227-feature-request-multiple-console-windows/ I'm hoping @msmcleod or @Morten Saether can comment on whether this is feasible and/or (hopefully) in the works!
  3. Your bad night probably sounds way better than anything this amateur could put together... 😁
  4. Being able to have multiple undocked Console / Multidock Windows (not sure of correct terminology) would be a GREAT feature. Hope the Bakers are considering it.
  5. I wasn't clear (and was using incorrect terminology - sorry) about having multiple windows open (Tracks, PRV, Staff, etc.). I should have said "instances". While Console, PRV, Staff, etc. can all be open/undocked/viewed at the same time, what I was trying to convey was that it would be great to be able to open multiple instances of any/all of those windows. Examples would be 2 or more instances of the Console (1 with Tracks 1-12, another with Tracks 13-25, another with just buses, etc. - like in my original post). Or maybe multiple instances of the Staff view (one with piano, one with bass, etc.) - so, if you have the screen real estate, you don't have to toggle between them. Multiple Console windows would probably be most useful to me, but multiples of the others would probably be useful to others as well. Sorry to all that I did not explain clearly/correctly - my fault - still learning... :^)
  6. Thanks Glenn and Mark! I can't live without multiple monitors. I am in IT and have 5(!) in my office so I can see all kinds of stuff at the same time. The Portrait windows are great for Kontakt, plugins, etc. You can see lots of stuff at the same time. To me, another advantage of being able to break out the Console Windows is that you could have one with a Tracks View, one with a Piano Roll View, one with Staff View, etc. - endless possibilities! I guess the Bakers are really busy. Have not heard anything from @msmcleod or @Morten Saether on whether this would be hard to implement or is even under consideration.
  7. Probably just stating the obvious, but this would be helpful with any number of monitors. I really think having the ability to open multiple instances of the Console Window (and other windows) would really be a game changer in this era of lots of users having 2-3-4+ monitors in different orientations. I opened up an example project and it had 60 tracks. How convenient it would be to use my Portrait Monitor to stack multiple Console Windows (like in my example)! You'd be able to see ALL the tracks - in wide view - AND see another Console Window with lots/all of the buses as well! No scrolling! @msmcleod, @Morten Saether - can you offer any insight as to whether this feature would be helpful or easy/hard to implement?
  8. I agree as well. This drove me crazy for a while, as it affects Kontakt instruments (record at one volume, get a much quieter volume on playback). I always thought this was a Global setting.
  9. Personally, I think 16GB of RAM is the absolute minimum you should have. I'm probably an outlier, but have 128GB...
  10. Sorry if this has been discussed before - did a search but could not find anything, and, as far as I know, this currently can't be done. I have (3) 4k monitors - 55" in Landscape, flanked by (2) 48" in Portrait. It would be wonderful if I could undock/float multiple Console Windows on one of the Portrait monitors. That would allow me to have, for example, 1 window with Tracks 1-12, then a window below it with Tracks 13-25, then one more window below that with the buses. Example:
  11. Sal Sorice

    Loopback issues

    Wow John - we both posted within 1 minute of each other... 🤪
  12. Sal Sorice

    Loopback issues

    Success! I found the answer by stumbling upon this very informative video: Focusrite Control Loopback - Step-by-Step Setup Guide - YouTube Note to @John Vere - did not need to disable any Audio Devices - and thanks again for all your help!! I now hope this helps someone else 😁 In Focusrite Control you have to "expose" all the available channels to the operating system (so OBS can see them). (Note: This only works for 3rd Gen+ Scarlett interfaces - 2nd Gen does not have Loopback capability). In Windows System Tray, click on the ^ icon and select show hidden icons: Right-click on the Focusrite icon and choose "Expose / Hide Windows Channels" I'm using Scarlett 8i6 3rd Gen and I checked off everything except SPDIF (I don't use it - adjust per your Scarlett Model / needs): Before: After: Then, go into Windows Sound Settings (you can right-click on the speaker icon by the clock to get there or just type "sound settings" in the Windows search box. Set the OBS Profile to use the (now exposed) Loopback: And now it shows up in OBS as an available device to select for "Audio Input Capture": Now, when you play a Project in Cakewalk OBS will capture the sound! Thanks again to @John Vere - I've learned a lot from your very instructive Tutorial Videos!
  13. Sal Sorice

    Loopback issues

    John, I’ll give that a try today. I think the Slate VSX is the only other enabled audio device. And yes, the loop does not show as an option in OBS.
  14. Sal Sorice

    Loopback issues

    Cakewalk shows the Loopback: Focusrite Control shows activity on the Loopback: I set OBS to the Focusrite as default: OBS picks up sound from the Microphone. OBS picks up sound (Desktop Audio) if I choose a Browser window as a Source. I can also insert an Audio Track and set its input to the Loopback and record: Just no sound when I choose Cakewalk as a source in OBS and play a project.
  15. Sal Sorice

    Loopback issues

    Thanks again John. Not at my Music PC until tomorrow but will take a look. Note: Choosing any input (other than Default) does not help.
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