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  1. Thanks charles kasler and everyone else for your comments. I can confirm I had the same issue as Charles. Steps taken: > Made a full image of my system using Macrium Reflect > Installed Focusrite Control version (upgraded from > Rebooted > Sonitus plugin issue happened again and ProChannel became blank again (see above comments) > Ran the Runtime Library fix posted by Noel here: https://discuss.cakewalk.com/index.php?/topic/34829-how-to-repair-a-cakewalk-installation-with-missing-or-damaged-microsoft-redistributables/ > No help :^( > Restored my Macrium image and all is well again. Going to forgo the Focusrite update as I was not having any issues with my 8i6 anyway. I'll send Focusrite a link to this Topic. Not sure if they'll do anything though. If anyone else has a suggestion as to who should get notified about this, let me know. Not sure if I should submit a problem report to CbB, as it seems to be a Focusrite issue. Hope this helps other Focusrite users - there seem to be a lot of us.
  2. Will do some testing later today and post my results.
  3. Kevin Perry, makes sense. Could this post possibly contain a hint at solution? Not sure, as I'm no programmer. It discusses TTS-1 but also mentions DirectX:
  4. The Sonitus DLL files are present at c:\program files\cakewalk\shared plugins\, both before and after the problem (ie, the files are there when all is working after a Macrium restore and they are there as well after the Focusrite update that seems to break things). bitflipper, I'll break things again tomorrow by installing the Focusrite update, then run a VST scan with logging turned on and see what that reveals. I'll post my results. Thanks for the suggestion!
  5. Thanks again for all the suggestions - this forum is the best! :^) I'll revisit tomorrow and see if Noel's runtime library fix might help, Will likely try the Focusrite update, see if it breaks things again, then run Noel's runtime library fix to see if that works. On the bright side - at least I know my Macrium backups are working great...
  6. Note: Windows auto update is turned off via Group Policy, so only manual updates are allowed - and I don't do those often and not at all in this case.
  7. Thanks all for the comments. I'm an IT Consultant during the day, so the virus/disk suggestions are appreciated but I'm well versed on the OS side - Cakewalk / Audio Interfaces, etc. - not so much :^) What is strange - at least to me - is that what seems to trigger the Sonitus errors and the vanishing ProChannel pane is updating my Focusrite Scarlett 8i6 Control software from to After updating and rebooting, the problems appear. Not sure if/how it could have anything to do with the Focusrite device - it's just an audio interface. Any ideas? I'm going to leave Focusrite on the 3.6 software for now, but can't understand how that could relate to / cause the bizarre problems.
  8. Sigh... Getting worse. Also noticed that ProChannel has gone missing as well. When you open it all you get is a blank panel. This happened once before and ended up having to do a clean install of Cakewalk (per https://help.cakewalk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360034066393-Clean-Install-Cakewalk-by-BandLab). Note that this reinstall was only done because of the blank ProChannel issue, not the Sonitus issue as mentioned above. Perhaps they are related? This is getting frustrating. I'd rather be making music... :^(
  9. This is very strange. I've been working through some great Cakewalk/Sonar tutorials from groove3.com. Many of the tutorials utilize Sonitus plugins as examples. I've been happily following along when suddenly my Sonitus plugins got 'lost'. When I try to load one (happens with Reverb, Gate, EQ, etc.) after closing/opening Cakewalk I get this error: What's even MORE strange... I decided to do an image restore (I use Macrium Reflect) to a known good working instance of Cakewalk. I restored to November 18, 2022. Fired up Cakewalk. Opened a blank project. Inserted an Audio Track. Then loaded up all the plugins - and they loaded fine. Closed/reopened Cakewalk and loaded several again - no issues. Since all looked well, I installed an update to my Focusrite Scarlett 8i6. That is the ONLY thing I did. It requested a reboot. Rebooted. Same problem! Any idea why Cakewalk can't find ('patch') the plugins? I can't understand how things could work fine, then fail after a reboot. I have Windows update turned off, so no Windows updates got installed upon reboot. Running latest Cakewalk build (2022.11 Build 013, 64 bit). PC info: Win10 Pro 64-bit; i9 @ 3.60GHz; 128GB RAM; Focusrite Scarlett 8i6; 2TB Samsung 970 EVO Plus NVMe; Intel UHD Graphics 630; Realtek 2.5GbE Controller
  10. Just added the reg key and was able to install Platinum Studio Mixing Suite without issue. Big thanks to IgoRr! Looks like the installers in Cakewalk Command Center are just looking for a registry key saying that Sonar is 'installed'. CbB picked up the added VSTs immediately.
  11. Thanks msmcleod. I'm worried about installing Platinum since CbB is already installed. I read that Platinum should be installed first. Don't want to mess things up. IgoRr messaged me and said that only one reg key is needed so that Cakewalk Command Center 'thinks' Platinum is installed, and then all the installers will run. I'll probably give that a try and report back with results.
  12. Saw a post by IgoRr (see here) about being able to use a registry entry to make Cakewalk Command Center 'think' Sonar Platinum is installed so you can then install things like Studio Mixing FX Suite, etc. I have Cakewalk by Bandlab installed and get the 'Cannot locate the required version of the program..." error when trying to add Platinum elements. Don't want to install Platinum to get them (at least not on the same PC). Has anyone tried this? Was also wondering if it is possible to install Platinum on another PC (or a Virtual Machine) and then 'export' the items I want so I can 'import' them into Cakewalk by Bandlab. Not sure if that is even possible...
  13. Tried the repair mentioned by Noel. No help. Ran the update again and got same error as before
  14. Hmmm. Not sure if it's related but got this error in new version of Cakewalk when trying to insert Sonitus plugin:
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