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  1. Allright. But I don't believe I am having technical issues. I believe the Cakewalk code is having issues Problem: Time/stretch tool I have experienced this problem in two different projects. I will only detailed explain one of them since the error is the same in both - A bass track. The bass is out of time here and there, so I just stretch it until it fits. I split the take up into many parts and then stretch as needed - Then to save proccessing power after everything is perfect, I select "bounce to clips" Every single time I do this, Cakewalk just crashes. Boom - gone. - I try to freeze the track instead - Same problem. Cakewalk crashes completely. - I bounce part by part of the bass track until I find the tiny little part causing this issue, a take no more than a few seconds long. Every single time I try to bounce this tiny clip, cakewalk just dies. - I re-stretch it a little bit and try again - problem solved. It is quite annoying because I need to spend a lot of time figuring out which of the hundreds of tiny clips is causing this to happen. The positive thing is that it is motivating me to just record a better take instead of fixing the out of time ones. Just like in the old days. I don't use the time/stretch tool more than I have to now because I simply don't have the time to sit for hours figuring out which of the clips are causing the error. Thanks for listening folks
  2. Was browsing through this forum, expecting to find a place you could report bugs in the Cakewalk software. But could not find anything. How do you report errors in the software?
  3. Windows 10 is a wonderful OS for music production. I did all the standard "hacks" I did since windows XP, more or less. If there is any point to it - I don't know. Just an old habit. Didn't notice any performance issues before or after
  4. I noticed a similar error sometimes when I use the time/stretch tool. There is a bug there somewhere. Sometimes also cakewalk will crash when you try to bounce to clips after using the time/stretch tool. Recently I had to bounce a track part by part util I found the tiny part that was corrupted. Then I just re-stretched it and bang! it was fine again. I do not know if that is the problem with your project though. And I should probably report this bug to Bandlab
  5. I have never done stem mastering myself, just the regular kind. But I would send the tracks to dedicated buses for each intrument group. Guitars to a guitar bus, drums to a drum bus and so on, and then just solo the buses I want to export. I think that is what the mastering engineer wants
  6. Glad too see the new Cakewalk forum is just as friendly and helpful as the old one. Thanks for replying everyone! I appreciate it
  7. Thanks! I see they have the Nocturna as well, so will put that on my list Regarding power supply. I always bought them too big. My 10 years old computer has a 750. If 550 is enough, I will of course buy smaller and save some money. I just remember reading somewhere many years ago, you should overdo that part a little bit. But I am not an expert here. I am gonna listen to you
  8. No worries. I found the motherboard you recommended now. Good thing is it was actually cheaper than the Rog, so good for me Thanks for the tip! Thinking with the motherboard you recommended and: CPU - Intel Core i9-9900K Socket-LGA1151, 8-Core, 16-Thread, 3.60GHz, Coffee Lake Power supply - Corsair HX850, 850W PSU ATX 12V V2.4, 80 Plus Platinum, Modular, 6x 6+2-pin PCIe, 12x SATA, 8x Molex CPU cooler - Cooler Master Hyper TX3i Memory - HyperX Fury DDR4 3200MHz 32GB 2x16GB 3200MHz Graphics - MSI GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB, PCI-Express 3.0, GDDR5, 1354/1468MHz Cabinet - Fractal Design Define R6 I am trying to pick the most silent components. I have been looking at a lot of dead silent pc builds for offices and am trying to combine parts from those builds. Do you think this would work out? The shittiest thing here is the graphics card, but I don't game so.... This would be less than 2000$ in total to build
  9. I see the shop here has a ASUS ROG STRIX Z390-H available. I couldn't find the z390-a. I could always import of course if it's that much better.
  10. Produced and engineered for 30'ish years now. Still learning new things every day. You gotta love this business. You never stop learning and everything is evolving so fast. I remember the first computer based studio I built, in the 90's. Damn that was shit! Back then Cakewalk was a midi editor only. I had to use one computer for midi and one for audio, synced via midi. My current i7 was the first generation, but it still can handle everything I do. I get some pops and cracles on a full mix if buffer settings are low. But you know how it is. Always want things to be better and faster. I would love to be able to do a full mix on the lowest buffers. What kind of motherboards would you good folks recommend in 2019? My current one is a x58 sabertooth
  11. I am hopelessly outdated on the pc-building. I see I have a lot of reading up to do. Just checked and found my current firewire devices will work fine with Thunderbolt via an apple adapter
  12. I read that hyper-threading is disabled on the new i5 and i7 processors. I see a lot has changed since I built my current computer a decade ago "So on with the DAWBench SGA DSP Test and we can see the 3 new chips in Yellow above. Starting with the 9600K the obvious comparison here is against its predecessor and frankly, it’s a little underwhelming with a somewhere between a 1% – 10% increase depending upon the buffer in play and scaling upwards as the buffer size is increased. The 9700K is next and we get to compare its new design configuration of 8 true cores and no Hyper-threading, which also appears to come off poorly here when compared against the older 8700K with the results showing up a 20% – 40% drop off against Intel’s own previous generation class leader. The loss of Hyper-threading here really looks to have impacted the testing on the new generation at least under the DAWBench classic test. I do get the thought process here with the chip design itself, as the largest new segment in recent years that seems to have captured the marketing teams imagination has been the rise in content creation users who are live streaming. True cores for that sort of content generation is far more beneficial, especially gamers who wish to live stream at the same time, so I fully understand this design choice, in fact it could be argued that this style of chip would be preferential for anyone working live but for anyone looking for raw performance in the studio it’s all a bit disappointing so far" Source: http://www.scanproaudio.info/tag/dawbench/
  13. If Xeons work well with Cakewalk, I think I would prefer to use those as I also do a lot of heavy video rendering and I would prefer their workstation reliability
  14. Considering to build a new DAW computer this year. Trying to figure out which CPU to go for. Stability is main priority, but speed and max load is also a priority. In the past I know many DAWs didn't work well with Xeon cpu's, but does that still apply in 2019. My current i7 computer is about 10 years old. Still working super, but would love to be able to run more plugins and soft synths with low buffer values. What kind of CPU would you good folks recommend me to go for next time?
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