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  1. Thanks for your response Eric. Ok. Is there a way to change to per project audio folders after the fact?
  2. I posted a while ago on having this issue, but I have more info and thought it'd be better to consolidate everything to a new post. I transferred a bunch of .bun files from an older version of cakewalk to a new laptop with the newest version of cakewalk. I had it spit the .wav files into a global folder. Thankfully I backed up the audio folder, because every time I start cakewalk it deletes almost all of the .wav files in my audio folder. This happens every time. I can copy all of the .wav files from my backup folder into my main audio folder, start cakewalk, and as soon as it opens almost all of my .wav files in the audio folder are gone. Any idea why this is happening? Also, I can't tell why it doesn't delete a few .wav files. Maybe I saved those projects differently originally?
  3. It's very strange... Opening the .cwb file I make sure "copy project audio" is checked. The WAV files go into my C:\Audio folder. Everything plays perfectly, and I save the file as a standard .CWP file in my C:\projects folder. But then when I close cakewalk and open a .CWP file back up the WAV files are just gone. Deleted from the Audio folder. So, the 2nd time around I opened a handful of .cwb files, saved them as .CWP files, and then copied the C:\Audio folder's contents to C;\Audioback. After I closed cakewalk (and cakewalk cleaned out my C:\Audio folder) I copied all of the wave files from C:\Audiobak into C:\Audio. Again, everything played fine, but when I closed cakewalk all the wav files out of C:\Audio were deleted again. As long as I keep copy and pasting the WAV files from C:\Audiobak into C:\Audio every time I use the program I can get it all to work. I'm pretty sure that if you open a .CWB file and don't save it, then close it, Cakewalk will delete the WAV files it spat into it's audio folder. I feel like that's what it's doing here, although I AM saving the .CWB file as a .CWP file, so it shouldn't be happening. It's just such a bizarre problem!
  4. Hey Guys! I have some bundle files (.cwb) made on one computer in an older version of cakewalk. I've opened them up on another computer and saved them as standard .cwp files. However, cakewalk seems to be automatically deleting the .wav files associated with the cwp. files. If I close cakewalk and start it again, all the .wav files are gone from the c:/audio folder that I have them stored in. I don't see any setting that addresses this. Any ideas?
  5. Mark S Ellis

    info page?

    Thank you, scook!
  6. Mark S Ellis

    info page?

    Older versions of Sonar had an info page (File-->Info...) that was a nice little notepad to make notes into. Does this still exist? Sorry, but I can't find it and my google-fu is lacking. Thanks.
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