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  1. Hi John thanks for your reply to my query it got me going in the right direction. I found on the Yamaha P-125 the G5 and G#5 keys turn the Audio Loop Back on and off. Pressing the G5 key to turn Audio Loop Back off did the trick. Now the metronome icons work as they should. So if anyone else is having this problem with the Yamaha P-125 and probably other Yamaha keyboards this is the solution. I have been stump by this for over two days and now finally solved. Woohoo!!! Thanks to everyone for your help.
  2. Hello, looking for help to stop the metronome being recorded. My setup is a Yamaha P-125 connected to my laptop using the host to USB connection. I have Cakewalk installed on the laptop. I am recording an audio track not midi. After I record a track and select or un-selecting metronome during playback has no effect I still hear the metronome click. It seems the metronome is being recorded. It doesn't matter if I use headphones or the Yamaha built in speakers while recording the metronome plays during playback. When I add a track the input shows Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO 2 in 2 out and the dropdown shows Digital Piano 1+2 S I am new to DAW's so please don't assume I know anything, please give step by step and easy to follow help. Just let me know if I need to add any other information. TIA
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