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  1. LOL in the time since i posted i installed my MOTU micro midi to my new setup i was trying not use it cause i used in my old setup for reference but being at my wits end i said F it and switched it over and boom I'm back in business. Thank you so much for response time.
  2. By now i know this topic is old to most and probably been discussed 100's of times. I've searched this topic and just can't seem to find a definitive answer so i come with hat in hand begging anyone to give me some answers on how to get my MCU to work with CBB. I've been working with cakewalk since Home Studio 4 so i am pretty familiar with it's internal structure but for life of me i can't seem to figure this out. I moved from Win 7/Sonar Platinum to Win 10/CBB this year. I held out as long as i could for fear of my workflow being compromised but surprisingly the transition went pretty well which brings me to this week when i tried to insert my MCU back into my setup. Funny thing is i saved it for last cause i assumed it would connect just as easy as it had in Sonar Platinum. HELP PLEASE. Dell 7520 Win 10 Pro Intel i7
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