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  1. Yes there is already a resonnance on the 6 dB LP, BP and HP M-type filter in Syntronik 1(🤣...sorry, it's not for you i think at what Peter reply) But if you try to modify the 6 dB resonance of the "Classic type" filter in Syntronik 1 nothing change, it's normal with LP and BP, nothing change either in Syntronik 2 with Syntronik 1 or Syntronik 2 presets because it's disabled. In Syntronik 2 you can clearly see what is disabled and what not for Syntronik 1 and 2 presets because the knob is greyed out and you can't move it in the synth panel and in the new Edit panel. On the Syntronik 2 presets, the resonance of the 6dB LPF "C-type" filter still does not work with this update, the resonance of the 6dB HPF "C-type" filter still does not work, the resonance of the 6dB HPF "O-type" filter still does not work, the resonance of the 6dB HPF "Classic" filter still does not work. -There is not any 6dB slope for LPF "C-type" filter in syntronik 1 this is part of the new functionality of Syntronik 2 for Syntronik 2 presets! -There is not any HPF "C-type" filter in syntronik 1 this is part of the new functionality of Syntronik 2(for Syntronik 2 presets) with 6, 12 and 24 slopes! -There is not any BPF "C-type" filter in syntronik 1 this is part of the new functionality of Syntronik 2(for Syntronik 2 presets) with 12 and 24 slopes! -There is not any 6dB HPF "O-type" filter slope for the syntronik 1 presets this is part of the new functionality of Syntronik 2(for Syntronik 2 presets) with 6, 12, 18 and 24 slopes! -The 6dB HPF "classic" filter resonance is disabled for the syntronik 1 presets this is part of the new functionality of Syntronik 2(for Syntronik 2 presets) There is more new filter features in Syntronik 2 like the "Peak" mode of the M-type filter and more The good thing is that you have more possibility now but you are free to use it or not. The bad thing is that if some Syntronik 2 presets have been programmed by designers with 6 dB resonnance that don't work it will not look like the designer intended. I hope that the faulty 6 dB slope not become greyed out with the next update😜 because i hope to hear one day what designer have programmed with this new preset for example: Like you can see the designer have adjusted the resonance on 1.5 on the HP "O-Type" filter 6dB slope but we can't hear it because like i reported the resonance of the 6dB HP "O-type" filter still does not work with this update. And there is two modulation(in the matrix) on the cut off which must be more interesting to listen to with the resonance
  2. If you don't see may be you can hear 2022-06-21 01-12-56.mp4 Beautiful 6dB filter resonance in Syntronik 2 on the LP, BP and HP of the M-Type filter🥳
  3. Peter - IK Multimedia reply at KVR: I know that but i don't know if you have understand that this screenshot is a render of the multi "cold lead" loaded in Syntronik 1 compared to the same multi loaded in Syntronik 2 But the difference in sound level is obvious and you can't pretend it's normal Peter - IK Multimedia reply: 😱 WRONG Like you can see here In Syntronik 2 you have resonance peak and the resonance knob clearly affect the sound if you play with! Your answer is a little bit worrying from a support that is supposed to solve Syntronik 2 bugs and help the customers 😪 As I said in a previous post these new slope and resonances are part of the new features of Syntronik 2! I don't know if this answers comes from you or the support but someone missed something and it's not me. 😉
  4. I confirme 1-Little game of differences, on the multi "Bio Diversity I did not put the part 3 or part 4 but it's the same on the other parts the filter is disabled in Syntronik 2! This bug affects all Syntronik 1 multis in the beat, groove and groove split folders. On the other hand with Syntronik 2 version 2.0.2 when a preset was not loaded correctly by a multi, there was an asterisk before the name of the multi and before the name of the faulty "part" but there is nothing anymore, unless you check with Syntronik 1 you'll realize it more🙃 2-The resonance of the LPF "O-type filter" still doesn't work on Syntronik 1 presets loaded in Syntronik 2. 3-The cut off, resonance and AHDSR envelope of the BPF "O-type filter" still don't work with the Syntronik 1 presets loaded in Syntronik 2. 4-In addition to that, the difference I heard on the "O-type" filter, even with a resonance of 0, between a preset loaded in Syntronik 1 and 2 is confirmed (...by me😄) BUT ON ALL FILTERS Already with the unmodified preset (first audio item) we can see a difference in level Same thing on the last 2 audio items, one with an LPF 'M-type' and the other without any filter. => The bug is not only the filter section or enveloppe filter... On the 2nd audio item, with effects disabled, on the 3rd and 4th with effects disabled and OSC 2 disabled We can see that Syntronik 2 does not respect the envelope (or envelopes) since there is a 1 beat and 2 step shift to reach the maximum audio level of this sweep! These 3 bugs affect all Syntronik 1 presets loaded in Syntronik 2, all Syntronik 1 multis loaded in Syntronik 2 and all Syntronik 2 multis containing a Syntronik 1 preset (or part)! If you want to test, it is more obvious on low notes. I also made a small render on the multi "Cold Lead" without the effects So we find the same bug and sound differences !
  5. Don't unistall Syntronik 1 This bug have been confirmed by two other customers in IKM forum https://cgi.ikmultimedia.com/ikforum/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=30034
  6. I have meet this bug too Even when you run the "Install Syntronik 2 Sound Content.exe" files from the extracted zip you can have trouble with installs, the exe files may be buggy For definitively solve this you can manually copy the contain of the "Syntronik 2 Sound Content" folder in your Syntronik path library Do this with all Syner V zip files and all should work fine
  7. I know why many user reporting that v1 instruments sound different in both version! It's a huge bug with the filter section and/or filter envelope of Syntronik 2, with some V1 presets but also V2 presets on some of the 22 "classic synths" while everything is fine and the sound is different for the same presets played with Syntronic 1. ex: Take the "Boomy square" preset of the SH-V: -Try to modify the filter envelope, cut off, resonance...=> no effect, no filter 🤨 and the sound is so different from the same preset played with Syntronic 1 (it is more obvious in the low notes C0,C1...) -Try all the possibilities (lpf,bpf...) of the 7 filters, slope/slope and modify the filter envelope, cut off, resonance => sometimes it's the cut off, sometimes the resonance, sometimes both that have no effect, sometimes you just can't choose the slope (the slider stays locked) while it's available in Syntronik 1 -Try to save a project with the "Boomy square" preset of the SH-V (without modifying it), close and reload your project, go to Syntronik 2, already there is an asterisk on the name of the preset, which means that it has been modified, go to the editing panel (the front of the synth) and there from bpf it has changed to lpf🤔 I have seen the same type of problem on SH-V, SAM, Noir, T-03...so far. It always has something to do with the filter section, the envelope I've only seen it once. So, advice to those who had version 1 don't uninstall it!!! While waiting for it to correct And those who have only version 2 of Syntronik test the filter and report to IK support because only for the SAM, the presets Syntronik 1> synth bass: Fat Resonant Bass, Feeder, Fingered Bass, Flanged Round Bass = BUG of the filter (I did not test the others) Don't hesitate to make tons of noise when you contact the support 😜 THE FILTER SECTION IS VERY IMPORTANT!!! I have tested many things: -install shv-v1 and shv-v2 on the same directory and define only one path directory in Syntronik 2 => no change -install only the synth sound and not the Syntronik 2 CS "Sound content" => no change -re-download the sounds => no change -i have tested with sampletank 4 => same bug The bug occur with Syntronik 2 presets too "Shinjuku Wobble Pad 3" from shv if you choose r-type filter you can't choose between 12 or 24 slopes because the slider stay locked on the 12 slope.
  8. In Syntronik 2, if you are in the Preset Browser click once on the little image of the synth at the left of the preset name like in Syntronik 1!
  9. You can listen the first demo, Clav and big80s of the 99 99 is warm with beautiful sustain and response to the velocity You can listen too the demos of the DCO-X DCO-X is more crystalin, cold, soft and a little in back for the electric piano but with dominant pads
  10. I didn't find CATO so good that the other new synths, there is not enough presets i can use in my case!
  11. Have you seen the old edit panel of the classic synth?!
  12. Same for me on Windows 10, Reaper, FL studio. I must squint a little😣
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