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  1. Sonora Cinematic have kicked off their Holiday Sale with up to 50% off all Kontakt libraries and instruments including the best selling Poiesis Cello, and recent releases Atlas Flutes and Harmonic Bloom. What's more, customers can add Gothic Instruments' DRONAR Brass atmosphere creation tool (worth £49.96) to their cart and get it for free with any purchases over £10! Sale ends 6th January 2023. Shop here > https://sonoracinematic.com
  2. New video showing how you can import and transform your own sounds into incredible pads, textures and soundscapes....
  3. Harmonic Bloom from Sonora Cinematic (the developer behind Poiesis Cello, Aria Libera and the recent Atlas Flutes) is a creative sound design environment where you can drop ANY sound into the interface, (the noisier the better), and it turns it into musical material! From calm and reflective organic soundscapes to dark and imposing mechanical pads and textures, Harmonic Bloom offers an awe-inspiring array of sound design possibilities – and that’s just with the included noises and sound sources. Users can also import their own samples into the easy to use interface to craft rich, complex and captivating instruments like no other. Once a sound is selected or imported, you can simply start extracting harmonics from these chaotic waveforms to obtain a musical pitch. That’s just the beginning… a plethora of built-in LFOs can independently modulate the panning, volume and filters of each single harmonic. Furthermore, you can add a second layer from a curated selection of deep sampled sound sources ranging from rare instruments to classic analog synths, guitars to reamped acoustic instruments and more. Check out the videos, demos and more details at: https://sonoracinematic.com/products/harmonic-bloom-by-sonora-cinematic Works with the free Kontakt Player.
  4. From Sonora Cinematic, the developer of Poiesis Cello and the Magnetism series, Aria Libera is a free Kontakt instrument featuring the beautiful humming of singer Emma May Price processed through a granular modular synthesiser. The result is an inspiring and effortless tool for adding beautiful vocal textures, atmospheres or pads to underscores. It's also excellent for experimental and glitchy sounds. Users can assign Aria Libera to any MIDI controller and use the XY pad to expressively shape their sound. Move across the X axis to increase the granular effect and use the Y axis to diffuse the sound in space. Download it now > https://sonoracinematic.com/products/sonora-cinematic-aria-libera
  5. Discover savings of up to 50% off across the Sonora Cinematic store including our best selling Poiesis Cello, Magnetism and more! The sale also includes ALL Gothic Instruments DRONAR atmosphere creation tools. Ends 31st August. https://sonoracinematic.com/collections/all?sort_by=best-selling
  6. Don’t be fooled by the name - yes Dronar Rolling Percussion has lots of great expressive drum and cymbals rolls (and can be used just for them!), but its main attraction is a massive set of beautiful, rich atmospheric evolving pads. Conjure an otherworldly realm of rainforests, alien planets and exotic lands with simple yet powerful features, FX, arpeggiators and more. Find out more and listen to the demos at: https://sonoracinematic.com/products/dronar-rolling-percussion-module
  7. Released last year, Poiesis Cello is a deep exploration of intimate and detailed extended cello textures and techniques for Kontakt Player with 47 articulations ranging from normale gritty col legno and airy flautando to moving sul pont waves. Create instant beautiful, organic soundscapes and textures for a modern cinematic sound ranging from delicate and beautiful to dark and nightmarish. Because it was recorded up close with a variety of high end microphones, its sound can be modified to your requirements to create a more dry, or a more lush, sound by adding your own reverb as required. Save 20% until 30th June 2022. https://sonoracinematic.com/products/poiesis-cello-1
  8. Enter a world of utopian futurism with DRONAR Metal & Glass atmosphere creation tool for Kontakt. Recorded and processed by movie trailer sound designer Alessandro Camnasio, DRONAR Metal and Glass was derived from hitting and bowing glass and metal objects and results in a collection of sounds that can range from pure and airy to distorted and dark. Easily craft disquieting, anxiety-inducing audio for your latest thriller, sci-fi or horror production or forge interesting textures for your cinematic orchestral music or ambient tracks. Either way, your audio will enter unexplored territories that can't fail to impinge on your listeners' emotions. DRONAR Metal & Glass is now half price! Grab it now at: https://sonoracinematic.com/products/dronar-metal-and-glass-module Plus sign up to the Sonora Cinematic newsletter while you're there and you'll get a 10% off code and Magnetica Redux Kontakt library for FREE! Requires full version of Kontakt 5.7.3+.
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