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  1. Released last year, Poiesis Cello is a deep exploration of intimate and detailed extended cello textures and techniques for Kontakt Player with 47 articulations ranging from normale gritty col legno and airy flautando to moving sul pont waves. Create instant beautiful, organic soundscapes and textures for a modern cinematic sound ranging from delicate and beautiful to dark and nightmarish. Because it was recorded up close with a variety of high end microphones, its sound can be modified to your requirements to create a more dry, or a more lush, sound by adding your own reverb as required. Save 20% until 30th June 2022. https://sonoracinematic.com/products/poiesis-cello-1
  2. Enter a world of utopian futurism with DRONAR Metal & Glass atmosphere creation tool for Kontakt. Recorded and processed by movie trailer sound designer Alessandro Camnasio, DRONAR Metal and Glass was derived from hitting and bowing glass and metal objects and results in a collection of sounds that can range from pure and airy to distorted and dark. Easily craft disquieting, anxiety-inducing audio for your latest thriller, sci-fi or horror production or forge interesting textures for your cinematic orchestral music or ambient tracks. Either way, your audio will enter unexplored territories that can't fail to impinge on your listeners' emotions. DRONAR Metal & Glass is now half price! Grab it now at: https://sonoracinematic.com/products/dronar-metal-and-glass-module Plus sign up to the Sonora Cinematic newsletter while you're there and you'll get a 10% off code and Magnetica Redux Kontakt library for FREE! Requires full version of Kontakt 5.7.3+.
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