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  1. The 360 is standalone, or you can insert it as a vst! It's pretty cool, and free from what I recall!
  2. I really like the Matchlock, especially with the new-ish 360 host! It works much better than the Nembrini equivalent for me.
  3. I want to know more! This has been on my shopping list for ages!
  4. I'm hoping for a killer deal (but not holding my breath) on VSL CFX or D-274, but I'd settle for a nice price on Embertone's Joshua Bell library and VILabs' Ravenscroft. Oh, and I've been eyeing Relab's GoldPlate and Transatlantic Plate, but realistically...do I *need* another reverb?
  5. Old Lady and White Grand have aged pretty darn well 🙂 And if you have the Old Lady install files/samples, keep them, because it's a goodie that's not available anymore! I don't use Rain Piano/Vertikal a lot anymore as I have uprights I prefer (that I paid literally 10-15 times more for, admittedly!). I still have them on my drive though, and they haven't suddenly stopped sounding good or being useable!
  6. Our upright is a Petrof so I've a soft spot for 'em. Haven't found the sweetspot on the PT-Petrof yet, though!
  7. Have you tried PT7 yet, Fleer? Just ordered the upgrade from 6 but won't have the chance to play with it for a while!
  8. @Fleer I love the sound of Piano in Blue, but don't find it especially playable (a little laggy/less responsive than some VIs). How does CinePiano compare for playability? I've just ordered Simple Sam Sig Grand but haven't resolved an installation problem yet - I'm missing a good Steinway and have toyed with CP (which I could get for about $60 between the 50% of sale and loyalty points at Time & Space). Of course, the VSL-D274 is on my list as well, but would need a good BF sale!
  9. I'm tempted by this, as I really like their Modern U...but I have grands I like (e.g., Garritan CFX; Noire; other NIs/Sampletekks/Pianoteq) and was holding out for Ravenscroft on Black Friday. Anyone want to convince me this will give me something I don't already have?
  10. Hah - yep, I really want the Joshua Bell. I cheaped out and got this...knowing I'd eventually get the other one as well.
  11. *Sigh*. If only they'd offer T-verb at a true no-brainer price!
  12. Tezza - wait til you try their matchlock!
  13. FWIW, even if you've got tons of amp sims, the Fuchs ones are really, really good - esp. the Train wreck one! I've got loads as well, but this one's a bit special IMO.
  14. I get what it's like to come in if you're new to the forum. In this case, though, people have built up enough trust for it to not be an issue IMO.
  15. Craig Fowler

    XLN Sale

    Just deviating from the drum talk to say the the Addictive Keys upright piano is excellent, especially at that price (though I got it free with a Focusrite interface which was even better!)
  16. Is this any good? It's always on sale but I never see people talking about it...
  17. Honestly, Simeon, I think I just keep looking for the holy grail of piano VSTs. I have plenty to choose from! At the moment I'm loving VI labs modern U, Cinesamples piano in blue, and (surprisingly) am re-bonding with Alicia's Keys. I really enjoy playing Pianoteq, but it wouldn't be my go-to for sound. I'm curious about Garritan CFX and Ravenscroft, but both sound a bit on the cold side to me. A less quirky piano in blue is probably what I'm after.
  18. Enabler!! I find it so hard to resist on sale piano libraries. @Simeon Amburgey tell me I don't need this one!
  19. Yep, this works out nicely. I think after the first one, I was able to buy subsequent midi packs for 6.66 GBP each. Hard to quibble with that. Just hard to stop the cycle!
  20. This looks interesting - but I'm not familiar with their stuff. Is any of it any good? I don't even really understand what half of it is. What are you actually getting with an IR of a Taylor 314, for instance? Sorry if that's a silly question. I can wrap my head around an IR of a reverb, space, or speaker, but not of an instrument!
  21. So sorry; a good dog is a special thing. A great dog is life changing.
  22. I forget which version of Komplete I'm on, but I've wanted Noire for a while and am pretty keen to pick up Stradivari at some point. I'm eager for K13 to come out, and more eager for upgrades to be half price!
  23. I can't say how it compares, but I find it really useful.
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