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  1. The title reflects the central issue. I haven't had any problems at all of any kind, until I tried to use it after having closed out Tracktion Waveform 11 in the same session. I am new to Windows (11) and have absolutely no idea what is going on. The only thing that I tried was to start CbB with the shift key held down, but it still crashed. I have seen a few posts about Cakewalk instability, however as I am new to Windows, I don't know how to get anything useful from the CLI and I do not get any error pop-up messages. I could really use some guidance...
  2. New to Cakewalk by Bandlab. I purchased a Behringer X-Touch One that I tried to get to work, and was about to send it back, when I saw an old post about the device with Cakewalk (2018), using something called AZControl? I downloaded a X-Touch One presets.spp file and a X-Touch One - overlay_none.pdf file, but I haven't been able to find much on installing .spp files (the category doesn't exist in the Cakewalk Plugin Manager)... Is there someone that can explain what is possible with mapping buttons on the Behringer X-Touch One for Cakewalk out of the box, and then explain what AZControl is and how to get the .spp file installed in the correct category? That way, I can make a more educated decision as to whether to keep the X-Touch One or not. I originally purchased it as I have an 88 key keyboard with MIDI compatibility, and laptop, laptop stand, but no room for a tabletop surface. Any help would be appreciated.
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