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  1. That did the trick most-excellently, sjoens! Thanks much!
  2. Hi all - I've been using SONAR (or it's progenitors) since running it on my Amiga back in 1992. This morning, I bumpred into "something I don't know how to do", and could use your suggestions, please. I have a synthesizer track, in stereo, that everybody in the band loves. The player was really jazzed up (on Red Bull, I think), and played a couple of phenomenal licks that he can't re-play under pressure. The problem is - somebody must've leaned on the board, and flipped-off the routing switch - so the track has audio on the left, and nothing (silence) on the right. Does CakewalkBL have a simple way of converting this track to mono, preserving only the left side? I have several work-arounds; I'm looking for the "best way". Thanks!~
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