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  1. After more than ten years using Cakewalk, the software will not start up. I just get the splash screen, and then nothing more happens. I have tried reinstalling it several times from Bandlab Assistant, and I even upgraded my PC to Windows 10 so I could use the latest version of Cakewalk. But nothing. No error messages, just the splash screen. Any ideas? Thanks, Andrew
  2. Hi, I reinstalled Cakewalk by Bandlab after a few problems. Everything is working, except that, if I assign Cakewalk Sound Center to an instrument track, I can't see or choose any of the sounds. I can see the categories e.g Bass, but I can't see Acoustic Bass or any other actual sound at the right of the dialog box. Where I have tracks already using Cakewalk Sound Center sounds, they still load and play fine, but I can't swap them out with any others, because of the problem just mentioned. Can anyone shed light on this. Thanks, Andrew
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