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  1. ok, what replacements would you recommend? i haven't found and de-esser as good that is free unfortunately
  2. Hi everyone. I use the SPITFISH De-esser, and the FLOORFISH gate primarily. When I save my project, close cakewalk, and reopen my project, the plugin parameters are randomized when I open the plugin again. Does anyone know a fix for this (it only occurs with the SPITFISH, FLOORFISH, and BLOCKFISH plugins)?
  3. @Myriad Rocker disable 64-bit precision engine in Driver Settings and it will work. Hope this helps anyone in the future!
  4. @Lord Tim yeah that's exactly what i did but it doesn't register any input
  5. EDIT: MEqualizer also cannot be used for sidechaining in cakewalk despite the functionality being there
  6. if there isn't a fix to this, that's a huge limitation of cakewalk - as far as im aware there are no alternative vsts for sidechaining equalisers (and other daws have options to route to specific channels on a track). not sure though. no one seems to have a solution for cakewalk on the posts ive read
  7. G'day. I am trying to sidechain a kick to a frequency band in TDR Nova (dynamic eq) - when a kick happens it will reduce the lower frequencies in my vocals to reduce muddiness. the issue i'm having is that TDR Nova will not detect any input. i've worked with sidechaining a lot before (with other vsts) and have never had this issue. i have a send going into the TDR Nova and I have TDR Nova on ext sc (external sidechain mode). been researching for ages and haven't found any solution. hopefully someone with more experience can help me out. other daws have no issues. it appears that you need to route the sidechain signal into inputs 3/4 of the track you add TDR Nova to. not sure how to do this in cakewalk. thanks in advance
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