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  1. Thanks for all the feedback, very helpful!
  2. Anyone out there using Cakewalk on an iMac with Bootcamp or similar OS partitioning? If so, are you having any trouble with drivers, etc? I'm a Mac person but have stuck with a single music PC for years now because I loved Sonar / Cakewalk, and don't want to change DAW's. But I am considering repurposing an iMac solely as my music computer, and running Windows 10 via Bootcamp. Just want to see if anyone else is doing this without any undue issues before I start down this road.
  3. Is there a way to change the stretch algorithm to all clips simultaneously? So far I've had to go clip by clip and change it for each one.
  4. Dude, you're a genius! I changed the stretching algorithm to Groove on-line, Radius off-line (not sure which it's using when) for several clips, and they all worked smoothly. Must've been the change in the default to Elastique. Thanks!!!!
  5. This was minor tuning of timing - a couple rhythm guitar parts where the strum pattern is key and stands out, and I was tightening the timing at these key points between the selected tracks. But when it hits a transient, it sometimes immediately jumps to the next one, other times will hold that one out for most of the rest of the clip and then resume normal operation momentarily when the next clip starts. It is only happening in this one project (although I have rarely used Audiosnap so it wouldn't affect most of my projects.) I think at this point I will try either moving the offending clips into a new project as suggested, or go back to scratch on the original clips and try re-adjusting them. I've decided at this point it's just haunted clips...
  6. I have done that many times and have not noted any artifact. I suppose if you were doing major edits (formants, big pitch or timing changes) to previously edited material it might be noticeable. But I've not noted any problems.
  7. Had to do a little digging, but my audio interface was fairly new then but has not changed since. I have not intentionally changed project bit depth or sampling rate; I have Focusrite Scarlett 18i8, it shows the same sampling rate and bit depth as my project.
  8. So I decided to Revert to a previous version of the file before this issue arose - and even when I revert, the same issue is occurring. I KNOW it was not happening at the time of the older file version, because I also have WAV files that were exported from that version (time stamp right after that file version's time stamp) that do NOT have the error in them. So loading the data that is stored as the old file version is re-introducing the error. (1) Does Reverting to a prior version of the file NOT actually revert everything? Shouldn't I be getting a clean start from that point in time when it WAS working properly? (2) Is it possible some plug-in is no longer playing nicely with the Cakewalk project/data? (This is an older file that I'm finally ready to put on a project release, and it was last edited before upgrading to Windows 10, if that's possibly related.)
  9. Tried that, it does not resolve it, actually seems to exaggerate the error a bit. I thought it might be the beat map in AudioSnap, but those all look correct. I'm 99% certain I'd bounced each clip previously after editing, but multiple are showing up as AudioSnap clips. I had a DAW crash while working on this file, I'm wondering if somehow that caused this issue, although I'm not sure how.
  10. Added detail: I've sorted out that the offending clips were edited with Audiosnap; if I disable Audiosnap in the clip inspector (reverting to the original pre-edited clip, if I understand correctly), then the problem goes away for that clip... but recurs when I re-enable to the Audiosnap edited clip
  11. HELP! I have one song with the following problem, all my other files play normally (so this issue is isolated to the particular song in question and not to my overall Cakewalk settings.) When playing back (or freezing) an audio track, the playback holds some notes too long and jumps through other ones - almost like a clock is not running consistently. It does NOT happen to tracks already frozen, but if I un-freeze them then it does occur, and the problem persists when I freeze a normal track. I have turned off all Fx; the resources seem to be fine (all meters in Performance are very low); there is no popping/etc like when resources are strained. When playing back all tracks at once, the frozen tracks play properly but the non-frozen tracks simultaneously play with the varied-tempo problem. When solo-ing any of the affected audio tracks, the glitchy timing seems to be consistent in when/how it occurs - each time I re-play the track, the timing jumps seem to occur identically (not occurring randomly different each time it's played.) I have NO idea how to correct this. Any thoughts would be appreciated!
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