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  1. Yikes. I'm an idiot. It's not horizontal SCROLLING I'm looking for, but horizontal ZOOMING. In other words, remap from VERTICAL SCROLLING to HORIZONTAL ZOOMING. The latter is what currently can be done with Alt+Scroll Wheel. It is also the function that I need more or less every time I reach for the mouse... I'm quite aware that this remap is not currently possible. (I already have a side-scrolling mouse, remapped for other functions.)
  2. Yes, Jorge, Alt+Scroll Wheel does perform this function now, but that requires two hands. I would like to remap so it can be done with just the scroll wheel.
  3. Since I generally record voiceovers, I rarely have enough tracks to require vertical scrolling. But with long audio takes, I need horizontal scrolling almost constantly. It would be much appreciated if I could remap the mouse wheel to accomplish this, perhaps under Preferences > Customization > Keyboard Shortcuts, or thereabouts. Thanks.
  4. I rarely have enough tracks to need any vertical scrolling (recording mostly voiceovers), and would like to remap the scroll wheel on my mouse to horizontal scroll, which I need pretty much constantly. I know that Alt+Scroll Wheel works for this, but that takes two hands. I've searched the forums but can't find out whether this is even possible. Is it? If so, how? Thanks.
  5. azslow, There are different versions of the manual for this keyboard, but the one I got contains a section not found in the PDF on their site: 2.2.8 Mackie on/off When the state cannot be set to “Mackie on”, “Mackie off” can be set. - Press the "MIDI" Button and the LED under the button will light on. - Press a key on the Velocity key Left. The LCD screen will display the current Mackie state ("on" or "off"). - Press the "MIDI" Button again (LED lights off) to save the edit. Despite the confusing language, I was able to figure out what this meant (basically, turn on the settings mode, and hit an unmarked keyboard key just to the left of the "Velocity" setting key), and the keyboard did respond accordingly with "On" and "Off" messages. But no joy either way in Cakewalk. As for two sets of MIDI ports, msmcleod, that's what I expected, but it only shows one. And I should note that I cannot even open the configuration window to disable the handshake. It is listed on the Utilities menu like any other control surface, but is grayed out. Since I posted the question, I did get the play and stop transport controls working by using ACT instead of Mackie, but again none of the other knobs could be assigned, and the music part of the keyboard still went dead. Maybe this controller is just overpromising.
  6. I just added a Midiplus 62 Origin to my studio. It has transport controls, eight programmable sliders and 8 programmable dials. It is supposedly Mackie-compatible, and I've located the setting for "Mackie On/Off." But when I add it as a control surface, I cannot open the property page (it is listed on the menu but grayed out), and the actual keyboard part stops working. Of course, the Midiplus site is no help, and the manual is not much help. Just looking for ideas on how to get these controls to, well, control something. Thanks.
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