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  1. Ok, maybe this is the end of my saga -- not sure if anyone is still there. But I said I'd report. I got the Focusrite 18i8. I installed it at the end of last week -- all went smoothly (I did spill a cup of coffee on the floor moving things around, but I don't think I can blame Focusrite on that -- though I did tell me wife it was their fault). The important news is that everything works now just like it did before I upgraded my computer. Cakewalk works like it always had. If nothing else, I'm glad to know I wasn't doing anything stupid. Man, that was frustrating. Truth be told, I have had no problems with the Steinberg until the new computer and sorry to see it go -- in some ways it was nicer. But, you know life goes on. Thanks for everyone jumping in with advice.
  2. I actually ended up buying a Focusrite -- will report.
  3. Good to know, thanks -- how else is it treating you?
  4. Sorry for the confusion -- by fake I just meant I went in and did recorded sounds and keys and noise. In other words I was just testing to see what happened. When I did it Cubase all was well with other apps (while Cubase was loaded and after I exited). Doing the same in Cakewalk from sound outside of the DAW. Yes, I understand about the generic driver -- dealt with. Cakewalk is well and properly closed. Not in task manager. You are correct about ASIO, of course and other apps. If I go into Cakewalk and stay in WASAPI -- it doesn't do it (there are some other issues), but not the holding on. I can't figure out why recording in Cakewalk turns off normal window sounds, music, video, etc. I only know it does. And yes -- there may be a bug in the driver --I have been in contact with Steinberg many times -- I have their latest driver -- they've been great but have not been able rescue me. At this point, I'd be willing to consider buying a different interface, but if that's not the problem . . . then I have only spent money and not fixed anything. I've used Cakewalk for years, I like it, I am comfortable with it, and I do not want to switch. Thanks.
  5. Thanks. Let me quote it exactly so I don't accidentally misrepresent -- "the newer updates have some DSP-heavy features and for stability, reasons had made ASIO an exclusive engine to run Cakewalk." I had left off the "for stability reasons"
  6. Ok, so -- if anyone is still reading me 😎 Because I have a Steinberg interface, the guy helping me there suggested I try Cubase to see if it had the same problem as releasing ASIO for other applications. And the short story -- it released fine. It was the way Cakewalk has always been before. I recorded a fake session and went over to YouTube, and everything was fine -- all ran well. So then I did a fake session in Cakewalk -- but it would not release ASIO requiring me to reboot before I could get any sound. That seems like it is Cakewalk. Now to be fair -- the Cubase version isn't the full one, so . . . The Cakewalk support person indicated that newer versions of Cakewalk have some DSP heavy features and therefore that might be the issue. All very frustrating to me.
  7. I'm not blaming Windows 11 exactly. With my new computer, if I use Cakewalk with ASIO, I have to reboot the computer before I have any sound on other applications. Same DAW, same interface I had with my old computer running Windows 10 and I never had that problem. So, it is either the interface (drivers etc.), the software (Cakewalk), the computer (brand new), or Windows 11. Luckily the new computer boots very quickly. But still. But, recording and such works just fine -- that's not an issue -- Windows 10 or 11.
  8. Good question, but yes -- it's all set to 44100. Also, as far as updating -- I did update everything -- I even had the Dell guy share computer screens and we did a full update. I'm going to check in with them again tomorrow. He wanted me to reinstall Windows entirely -- I don't know if that would help. Maybe, but I sure am hesitating to do that. Thanks for the ideas though. I genuinely appreciate it.
  9. Sigh. Ok, guys -- sorry to be the trouble guy. This is not my normal. And I know its annoying. Here's what is happening now. Cakewalk working fine. No issues that I can tell. However, when I leave Cakewalk -- if I don't do a computer restart -- I have no computer sound. Nothing. YouTube videos won't even play. If I restart -- all is well. It's as if Cakewalk is not releasing. Edited to say -- it's not every time -- it seems as if it is connected to how long I am in Cakewalk. I just did a test and did maybe a minute or two of recording into a project. And that was fine. But if I am in for a couple or hours it seems to happen. This is insane. I am missing my old out of date computer. PGH -- I think it's all off -- did you mean something more than that?
  10. Ok, did it -- seemed to have worked. Fingers crossed. Thanks for all the help! Can I ask an off topic? I don't want to take up Cakewalk Forum bandwidth so if someone has a quick answer or a place to send me, I will thank you and not follow up. If this totally inappropriate I apologize and just ignore. In the last few days with my new computer -- several times a session my windows explorer stops working -- screen background turns black, nothing else, but I have to restart it. Easy enough to do -- I created a batch file -- but annoying. I've searched the webs -- lots of suggestions, none work. The Dell guys wants me to do a full reinstall of Windows. I'd really rather not -- I've just spent a lot of time setting it up, programs, all my plug-ins (oh my) etc Again-- off topic, so I don't expect a discussion but if someone has just a direction -- maybe a forum I can look into -- I will be very very thankful. Sheds
  11. Ok, the registry edit -- so far, so good. We will see. Thanks!
  12. I get that. I don't want to use realtek -- I can't rid of it. I know I can edit it out of the registry -- honestly that always worries me -- though maybe it shouldn't.
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