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  1. John Can you explain more about the physics behind levitation? I see it is a lot more common than we realize and it comes from all spiritual and religious backgrounds past and present. I was reading about one current Catholic lay person in Jamaica who shows up every Sunday for mass and they have to tie him down with ropes or he floats up to the ceiling when they hail the virgin Mary. You have sent my sorry butt back to kindergarten. 55 years of wasted ignorance but you said that liberation or the process to obtain liberation only happens when you are fully ready. Twenty years ago I would have flipped you off as a lunatic like all but a very few higher souls viewing this topic, like the guy who just commented. There is no reason I doubt that you are floating around several feet off the ground at inappropriate times. What is levitation like and please a few more nuts and bolts about the physics behind it. Most references depict levitation as a dreamy spiritual experience. The photographs and videos show some dude hanging out a foot or more off the ground enjoying the experience. You have said it is not so good. I am only curious about this and know enough to realize this is not the goal of all of this. Mangled, shredded, raped, in the blender, face in the dirt, destroyed in Chicago. Better days have to be ahead of me. Voyager
  2. Okay John, I can understand mental torture adjusting with a new mindset and perhaps some psychic manifest in time. I may learn to see auras and get a glimpse into the inner workings of the cosmos, but you are getting heavy handed here with levitation and bending mental with the mind which defies and denies all the laws of physics. In all truth, did you ever levitate? Did you ever bend a spoon? Not saying that this cannot happen in some Christ level saint, but is your experience real or something out of what is an incredibly well knit philosophy? Not putting you down, only looking for answers. In my search for documentation, there is the Transcendental Meditation group that charges over 5000 dollars for levitation instruction. Do you know anything about this and what it is all about? Voyager
  3. Hey John, Long time no hear from and are you are still among us? I shared this and the discussions with my instructor and we talked over the phone for longer than he would have wanted me to burn up his time. He said that the dimension thing you are saying is a novel way of looking at all of this and he will study further and keep an eye on the discussion to learn a thing or two from a veteran. This is a brownie point that an Acharya teacher says you have something to add to his understanding of this. I knew that you have got moves like Jagger. The starting of two and three dimensions feels like it is backward though. Help me out here. It would seem like the beginning point would have so many more dimensions and then the last crudification to our universe would reduce to just 3 dimensions. How come we are getting cruder and getting more dimensions? On one hand, we are losing grace. On the other hand we are picking up expressions not known to God. Something is not right about all of this. I know you have a rational answer, only it is outside my understanding currently, and YES, I am studying everything I can read and assimilate. Please keep the old language terms in your communication so I can search extended explanations. I’m trying to keep up and make for lost time. For your information, the meditation practice is about as close to real hell as hell can be. Our mythology never dreamed of this. This shit is brutal. If I am not processing a burn out night of dreams and nightmares, my attempts to deal with the wake world are being burned and blocked at every turn. I try to see or do something and the evolving inner voice says no you can’t do this anymore. You warned that change from the things that are comfortable is deadly to get beyond. Sometimes I want to wring your neck for what you have done to me and ask you what it would be like for you to walk a mile in my current ravaged shoes. Then I calm down a bit and realize that you already have. Hang in there with me yet. I am not giving this up until wherever it leads me. At times I still wonder where you and where this Acharya person that taught me came from. Voyager
  4. Yes, please continue with this explanation. I am as well having trouble putting all the marbles together, but studying my backside off to understand and catch up. It is obvious you are laying a foundation and going somewhere with this that will tie up the ends. One thing has helped me a lot in your last post. You did bullet points to the old language, references in parenthesis or quotation. My instructor gave me a copy of "Electronic Edition". Hundreds of books and articles about the Ananda Marga system. Where was any of this when I was 10 years old. The installation software has a search function to see where any of the terms are referenced. As long as I can spell it right, one word has vast explanation. This is so valuable to me. Please continue to include an old language reference to the concept so I can chase it down. God bless you for what you have given to me. God bless you for what you are trying to give to others. Voyager
  5. John, I am back to getting no bliss from this harsh learning experience you have personally inflicted on me, getting my teeth kicked in 24/7 but have a glimpse of what may be ahead, so let the good times roll. It will get better if it doesn’t kill me first. I still can’t imagine how you can function in the real world if what I got hit by is your normal state of awareness. How can you even move or think? I would be paralyzed. I am diving into study trying to understand all of this as I keep the discipline as per instruction (first debt?). The Ananda Sutram commentary is top of the list. It appears that a cognitive shift will be my greatest hurdle but the intellectual unlearning and relearning is as bad from where I am sitting. 54 years of death hypnosis does not want to give up easily and you did warn me about that. Shred takes on a new meaning. There are so many weird and alien terms and concepts I don’t have a basis to understand yet. I have faith that this will come in time. Question please about the concept of karma. It is acceptable in our culture to say good karma and bad karma as long as it is attached to some Buddhist reference we have branded as brainless and can laugh about. The Ananda Marga explanation is far more involved and complex from what I have been able to dig up in the Sutram and some supporting discussions. My question is how you differentiate karma and samskara. It seems like you could be a rock and still create karma. Question involves what constitutes personal ownership and responsibility for karma leading to samskara, a personal bank account for good or bad (?). Then what holds these karmas together at death. Where are they? What happens to them if the mind is obliterated? I the mind is gone, why can’t we lead a life of total evil and destruction and escape any payback? What about animals? My God, the questions are endless. I have already burned up the poor Acharya’s mobile phone minutes. I’m sure he dreads seeing my number on his missed calls. Can I shift some of the burden to you to give the good guy a break, especially since you are directly responsible for the beautiful mess I am currently in. And Jyotishvarii, you are not off the hook either. Peace, Voyager
  6. My Friends, I have actually really contacted my teacher and received valuable advice. My high of yesterday is gone for awhile and I am back to the battle, struggle to beat the waking mind into submission so I can listen and comprehend. At least there was a glimpse of what I am going through this grief for. My blind sided struggle is now to have been cast out from a fleeting sight of heaven and how to get back if I have the capacity to find the way back. Until yesterday, I did not understand sister Jyotishvarii’s direction to dig up the Essene doctrines and pay special attention to book four since my destiny was somehow involved in this. I did download and read and study these books but book four was Greek to me. Now I am beginning to understand., The teacher had prescribed procedures to get nerve connection back to my voice. This is a slow process, but already experiencing benefits as well as improving the left side weakness I live with after the stroke. All the doctor’s drugs and all the physical therapy have not done what several days of a different approach have given me. I am still waiting for the bill in the mail. You go see a doctor and you get a bill. I know you said this is free because I already paid the price, but my lingering paranoia. There has to be some debt I have incurred. What if anything do I ultimately owe you people? Voyager
  7. Reverend John, Reverend Jyotishvarii, I thank you both for the hard tough love. There is not yet a rock and roll hall of fame where you need to be inducted. Something came down that I wish I could broadcast to the universe and I think I have a partial glimpse of what starship you arrived on and why you arrived. Forgive me for my swipe at you. It was in total ignorance and frustrated angered confusion. I can’t believe I’m typing this branding me as a weirdo if my next job search pulls this up in my resume. I did John’s recommendation to limit the time because this made sense. I have not yet contacted the teacher for advice. I approached my practice session with some fear and the wretched elastic thing started. I thought inside, this is enough. That’s it. No more of this. Those guys are agents of the devil out to destroy me. Then something happened at the moment I gave up. It only lasted for a few milliseconds and my brain was too slow to figure out what had just occurred. I was able to think about the trauma after the fact. It was something that I shut off by trying to get my reasoning back together to analyze. In the attempt, I lost the experience. If only I could have kept my composure. I don’t have to tell you what went on because you are already there. Possibly as a sustained experience? Is this the ethereal state where you renegades live? Call it a lightning strike, obliteration of myself, the tunnel of light claimed by those coming back from near death experience. It is there and it is real even if I got only the slightest smell of what is ahead. So in that instance something about our beginning was revealed. I could not regain the state but the after effect reverberated in every cell of my body for several hours. I was for awhile in a fried state of brain but with a new level of clarity I had never experienced before. I saw my wife, my kids. I saw my dog and cat. I saw the grains of salt in the shaker, thread fabrics in the carpet. All were vibrating with one life. I had to get my crutch fired up and walk the block to assimilate what had just happened. Then the downside and depression. I could not look into the eyes of the numerous walkers on the street. It was like the living dead. Wasted existence. Wasted potential. Death approaching if in 20 or 50 years, death on the doorstep when there is a liberation from all pain. We did not have the remote idea that there was refuge. You have thrown me a life line when I was drowning but did not even know I was drowning. Do not worry about me. Does not matter any more if my body is stretched out over the parsecs or my head explodes, I am die hard hardcore. No need to reduce the daily time to treat me like egg shells. I have no idea where this odyssey leads, but I will get there. Absolute respect, absolute love, absolute determination to deserve what you have given to me, Voyager
  8. John, More help is needed. I have serious doubts that where you have led me to can have any happy ending. Dreams and nightmares are going crazy and even invading my awake state. I sit and do my “thing” like the teacher prescribed and all I get is my body splattered out over square miles and pressure in my head about to explode. My mind sees black turning to white and white turning to black like my reality and sense of sanity crumbling into something I cannot grasp. This for me is the definition of chaos and cannot take this for much longer even if you say that this transformation is for some ultimate higher purpose. If what I am experiencing now is the “bliss” of yoga, get me back to the damned spandex parlors. Maybe there was no Nirvana with the weekly payment, but I was left with a frame of reference. Any and every grain of your advice is requested. I have to ask again what starship you people came from and what is your purpose. How hard is this supposed to be. I offer all respect to what you must have gone through if you did get success and not just fry your brain in the search, Voyager
  9. John thank you. I don’t want to seem like a baby crying to mama but strange things are happening. I am doing the practice and it is like my head and legs are cut off or stretched 50 feet. My body is getting mangled out of proportion. This distortion goes away after I stop the procedure, but there are bad pressures in the head and over the body, things that are not comfortable in the works. Please help. Should I stop this for now?
  10. Frigging awesome and this gives me a glimpse of what is behind the guy who taught me. At this point, there is some increasing mental disturbance and my dream life is going crazy. I don’t know if this is part of what is supposed to be happening. Concentration is next to impossible and I don’t know if I am just failing or too weak. They never taught us anything like this in high school. Now that I have wasted an entire life, do you have any thoughts on how to make up for lost time. I am beginning to realize a hard hard uphill climb and not a lot of time left to get to the top. Of lesser gravity, what is this flame war with you and the young lady over pickles all about? What else have I missed out in this life?
  11. I’m updating a progress report to fuel the fires. I have no knowledge about high end designer pickles outside Vlasic dills in a glass jar last time I hit up a food store. I did however get to meet with the Acharya teacher for the Ananda Marga yoga movement on his tour close to Chicago. I do not even find words to thank you. I was initiated into “First Lesson” meditation in the evening and got to hang out with him for a few hours the next day. I mean what starship did you people get off on? The Acharya also gave me remedies to help with my voice damage that seems to be helping already. God almighty, this is incredible. No way I can pay back for instruction on the path to coming home. I did ask about the dollar figure if it was going to hit me. He said that it was free because I had already paid the price. The yoga parlors at 50 dollars a week are only business transactions. I had earned the real thing. I am interested in the training you had to do to get to this level of knowledge. This Acharya is some kind of combination of a Seer, saint, chiropractor, healer and other things I cannot understand as of yet. I mean, be blessed. Such a whacked out discussion on a banal everyday blog that has unearthed diamonds.
  12. John, (John K specifically) I have followed up on your advice and have spent several hours on the phone across states with the most incredible bunch of people I have yet met. I was waiting for the ball to drop with my credit card number demanded but the almighty dollar never came up. Jyotishvarii I welcome your contacts but have to concentrate on what is there before me now. Too much to process. If John only burns water and defers the diet thing to you, what is your advice? I have been in communication with a teacher called an Acharya. So many questions have been asked and answered. My wife says I am more animated and fired up as she has seen me even before the stroke. She is not on board with me yet but says if I don’t shave my head and wander off to some cult commune in Oregon, she supports me. This whole thing is incredible. At my age and infirmity that there is such a beautiful chapter ahead. The Acharya teacher will meet with me in several days on his wanderings through the state and will grant personalized instruction. Appointment with destiny is made. God bless you for your knowledge. God bless you for showing an avenue to a better way.
  13. JohnG No offense taken, mate, although Paulo brings up a disturbing flaw that may put your nomination for the laureate position on hold. I had to become thick skinned anyway after my stroke. Every encounter in a grocery store or on the street had people avoid me like a leper. I was in a store trying to communicate with the young girl at the register. She tried to communicate with me over a purchase and I slurred and stammered trying to respond. She tried to keep calm but had to finally break out laughing. I gave up fighting and anger and learned to laugh with them. I'm much recovered now with only an occasional question if I am from Botswana. It did give me a new perspective of what people with disabilities have to live through. John K, got your PM. Thank you for the links to your contacts and sage advice. I owe you big time and will follow through with what you have given. Sister Jyotishvarii, the response you got from your offer to give cooking class even more resembles the opening minutes of 2001 Space Odyssey. Don't know if anyone here remembers the sequence when the Monolith first appears. I can only imagine the ridicule you and John have put up with over decades of trying to help others. It must be discouraging but I think you have gotten tough too and learned to laugh with them in compassion. Someone said here that if a hundred idiots mock you but one is challenged to seek deeper then the thread is worth it. I am one and maybe others so please continue. Someone here also told me that yoga was not going to fix me as for the physical condition. I agree only partly because it has already made a big difference. What I am hoping the teachings will do is fix my ignorance. I wish it did not take a mutilating near death experience to open my eyes to question, but if that is what it took. I like Grem's opinion on this. He ain't buying it just because it is written, but he keeps an open mind and says let it flow and see where it leads. Jyotishvarii, one more comment and request. Diet has caused wars and bloodshed so you are a disturbance in the force and a target for derision worse even than John K. If you lay it out like it is with Jinsu knives blazing, you may as well let it all hang out. I want to know the "why" and not just the "how" of this vegetarian thing. I am really thankful for these discourses. Again, please continue. There are those here with the ears to hear. Voyager
  14. John, Appreciate your compassion which says a lot about you. I am not here to make friends and see much of the response to your teaching similar to the first few opening minutes of 2001 Space Odyssey. I look forward to receiving contact information and yes, I can apply and stick with any discipline required. As far as recovery, I have good and bad days but can walk unassisted on good days and am strong enough to walk with a cane on bad days. My voice is back partially. My wife says I sound like Alfred Hitchcock. My son says I sound like I have some weird foreign accent. Don't let the turkeys get you down. Fly on above the clueless debris until they shut down the discussion. Voyager
  15. Greetings all, This is my first post on a Cakewalk forum for several years. I was rarely active in the software section of the old forum. I was a guitar player. This discussion has got me riled enough up to jump in. I find the content to be disturbing and I am deeply offended by all of this. This is why I am offended. Four years ago on my 50th birthday me and the boys were slamming down tequila shots and a few sniffs of cocaine to celebrate my half century mark. I started to feel funny and woke up 9 days later in the intensive care unit of a hospital. In my confusion I tried to rip out tubes stuck in every opening of my body and a few more they made for me. The left side of my body was paralyzed. My attempt to yell out for help was like a drunk slur. I had suffered a major stroke. In the hospital time the doctors negotiated with my family that I was brain dead and they should sign papers to pull the plug on life support. My wife fought back against the threat of bills that would bankrupt her and no good outcome. I woke up against the odds. Then started years of rehab. There was struggle and depression. Sometimes I cursed them holding on for me to come back. On many nights I got loaded on tequila and sat there in a chair with a cocked gun to my head wanting to end it all. I was too chicken to pull the trigger. Medical nightmares were not over. My blood was like grease waiting for the next stroke disaster. Blood pressure was out of control. My gut was so filled with pills there was barely room for food and nothing was working. I unloaded on the doctor over his failure to get me well. He laid down his scope and white jacket, took off his tie and said we got to get out of there and take a walk. He explained that he had hit me with every pill known to science. There were still several mutilating operations they could do and my chance of surviving the procedures was fair to good. He got tough on me and said I had to take some responsibility and do hard work. He said to get involved in a good yoga program. Study yoga diet and act accordingly. He gave a reference to a local center but said he was a doctor not a mystic. I might have to look elsewhere. My search began. I spent too much time and money in what was described here as parlors of choking incense and spandex. I did gain benefit with flexibility and relaxation techniques but the biggest benefit was studying and realizing that the concept of yoga is something far deeper than organic broccoli smoothies and breathing in good vibes and breathing out bad vibes. Winter chill out here in the Midwest had me stuck inside for several days. I am a high achiever and pulled up the link to Ananda Surtam given earlier. I can’t go out snow boarding any more so put some serious time into study of these strange writings. I can understand about every fifth word, but what I can understand is mind blowing. Here is where I am offended and really outraged. If there is a grain of truth if there is an iota of truth in any of this then we have been ripped off badly as a society. Our culture has taken these claims mocking in ignorance and arrogance and put them on the back page of the Enquirer as one said earlier. We are like drowning rats who have been thrown a life raft and refuse. I am a newbie at yoga but would humbly request to be a part of this incredible dialog. Currently I am interested in yoga diet and the lost time that I have been raped by. How do I make up for lost time? Two contributors here have followed the practice for their lives and this discussion rings of a greater truth. You are so lucky and fortunate to have heard the call early in life. What I would not give to walk in the same shoes. I live in the suburbs of Chicago if you can call it a suburb any more. Can you direct me to a valid source of teaching within several hundred miles. Have Car, Will travel. I’m tired of spandex and yogi tea. Something at gut level says you can offer a better road map. Rock on Voyager
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