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  1. TerraSin

    Windows 11

    I ended up getting the 5 pack for all my computers. I can't live without it.
  2. I'd be okay with spending $99/yr with them. Hell, that's nothing compared to the update costs we do with most of their products. The fact that it jumps up to the full price the following year though? Nope, I'm out.
  3. You'd lose access to anything you don't own a license to outside of the subscription. What they are doing is complete bullshit.
  4. iZotope never sends me my damn coupon emails even though I'm on the list to get them.
  5. I've been noticing a lot of "lightly used" items being sold at discount this year. I've not been impressed with anything I've seen so far. I need new curtain rods! (this is how I know I'm now old)
  6. You don't realize how extensive my wishlists are. lol None the less, good luck with it.
  7. Nothing of any real value usually goes on sale during Prime Day. It's like they are simply trying to get rid of the overstock of low quality junk. That said, I've picked up things like dust bags for jackets pretty cheap before. Random small things but they have never put anything on my wishlists or in my saved cart on sale that week.
  8. TerraSin

    Tone2 Nemesis

    Have these ever not been on sale? Pretty sure these are always this price.
  9. TerraSin

    Izotope Email

    They fixed it. It was just a reminder about the iZotope and Native Instruments giveaway.
  10. Hot damn, that's actually a really nice collection.
  11. Do these "Pro" versions offer anything new yet or is it more of a "we'll update them soon with new features" sort of thing with nothing currently not in the existing plugins?
  12. I can't seem to find any examples from the new expansion. I'd like to hear those before deciding to buy it or not.
  13. I'm going to assume they meant midnight on Saturday since midnight on Friday as come and gone.
  14. Are their sale prices up? It looks like everything is normal price.
  15. Focusrite always gets the good stuff while Novation gets the leftovers.
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