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  1. The bigger issue I think is that many of the new plugins they've been putting out lately are just not up to par with a lot of the stuff they've released in the past. They've taken the road that Waves took and are spending much more time on promotion and advertising while sculpting their image rather than investing in the quality of their products. There was an interesting discussion the other day on how they've essentially molded a fanbase that would support them in giving off the image that they are top tier when they really aren't. Waves did that same thing for years. How many people would get started in production thinking that Waves plugins were the best in class because they were the name thrown around by everyone despite their quality severely dropping over the years? I think that's the bigger picture that people need to be focused on with PA right now. Regardless of their marketing, their new products just aren't hitting the marks.
  2. At this point, I'm filing everything PA under my "who cares" folder. They are really screwing the pooch lately.
  3. Anthony is awesome. I've learned so much from him.
  4. Did they update or something? This has been out for quite some time. The reception has been kind of "meh" because the interface is so badly designed (like Absynth was) but the sounds are awesome.
  5. $149 for me but they seem to do this right before a new version then have an obscene intro upgrade price.
  6. You have to be on their mailing list or something. They send you a discount code.
  7. Most people in America agree with it as well yet it's still one of the highest grossing restaurants in the country. This is also why Russians were lined up around blocks to get their last fix of it yesterday when the news broke. Plenty of videos available online of this happening so obviously many do care. Regardless of how many people you believe may know, the fact that there are still those who don't is a problem.
  8. There are a few reasons this is happening. The first is the tougher the world makes it on Russians, the more likely the government is to cave when the general populous gets angry with their government about being blocked from literally everything. The second part, possibly the more important one is that most people in Russia have no idea what is really going on because their media is being very controlled right now and they are painting a picture that the rest of the world is at fault. By things like McDonald's pulling out of the country, people are going to want to know what is really going on and will start to question. Yes, it sucks. It's going to suck for a while but it's absolutely needed at this point.
  9. Important info: 4. I have purchased before in Google Play with PayPal. Does the promo apply? -The promotion only applies for your very first purchase in Google Play with PayPal. If you have used PayPal to pay in Google Play, this promotion is not applicable.
  10. In Walmart's haste to compete with Amazon, they let a bunch of third party sellers on the site and don't care what they sell even if it's fake just so they have product up. Reminds me a lot of when Microsoft opened the Windows Store.
  11. I usually don't do this unless I'm at 50+ dollars because the amount is menial. I'd do it all the time but for some reason, it won't let me convert using my bank account; only my credit card which I hate using.
  12. I got a bunch of others as well after I went through my email that day. Nothing about the subscription though. I own pretty much all their stuff as well. 😕
  13. I don't get those emails either. I had to get on their chat to have them send me the offer last time.
  14. I was going to join up for $99 until the lady in the chat told me it was only for one year. I may have rudely laughed and closed the window. I own pretty much every iZotope product already. Asking for several hundred a year after the first year? No thank you.
  15. TerraSin

    Windows 11

    I ended up getting the 5 pack for all my computers. I can't live without it.
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