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  1. I'm interested to know why they still email codes to my paypal email but not to the email my account is registered to. I constantly get discount codes on PP one but it's like crickets on the other. I'm also annoyed that they are trying to be Sweetwater lately with the personal reps but they've changed mine like 8 times in the last 6 months. I'm guessing it's a crap place to work and they can't keep employees.
  2. Now they need to work on physical hard drive speed. I saw at CES that one of the companies, Seagate I think. is working on a multi-actuator drive that they claim will work the same speeds as an SSD but I'm not holding my breath on the reality of that happening. Plus, it's Seagate so it will last a week before failing.
  3. He's a pretty popular House producer so that helps, I'm sure. High quality marketing stuff he's doing also helps a lot. The website looks fantastic, the promo video looks and sounds great. It will be interesting to see how the plugin stands up to that and if what is being said at KVR is actually true or just speculation.
  4. I prefer everything being in one place. That way if I have plugins or programs that need to be pointed to the folder, it's only one instead of many
  5. I will say Skippy is dedicated to making this thing a great plugin. They are very active in developing it and putting out bug fixes.
  6. Not going to lie, I'm curious after listening to some of the sounds in the video. I didn't make it to the end. Did he say when it goes on sale?
  7. Engine 3 is going to be released soon. I'm not sure if Best Service is developing it themselves now or if Magix is involved but Eduardo has talked about it a few times.
  8. I don't see sampling changing much with 2.0. Very few libraries go to the limit of what MIDI is capable of now. Synths on the other hand could greatly benefit from it.
  9. Your activations come from Best Service and you just use the response code with them when you put the license in the plugin. It's really simple. You don't really do anything with Magix.
  10. Keep in mind, codes for this product are personal codes. I got a completely different one so it's likely to be single use.
  11. I nearly spit out my drink when the guy at NAMM said it was going to be $1200. Just watching the video of it, the motors in the faders are terrible. Not smooth, too much bounce. Signs of cheap mechanical parts that won't last very long.
  12. I may be alone on this but based on the video on the website, I'm not all that impressed with the transitions between words and phrases. It runs into that typical robotic blocky sound issue that a lot of the vocal libraries run into but this sounds harsher than a lot of others.
  13. TerraSin

    CbB Updated

    Depending on how much you need to back up, you can use services like OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. for all the important files that need backed up. Another thing you can do is create a partition on your existing hard drive and move the files into that so they will not be erased when upgrading to 10. I've personally never had an issue with any of the computers I've migrated over but I understand the concern. There are ways around it though to protect your work without losing anything.
  14. Would be nice if it blacklisted ones it couldn't scan so it wouldn't get stuck in a loop.
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