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  1. So pretty much everyone who decided to show something new off this year?
  2. Someone needs to update their SSL certificate. These aren't new, are they? I seem to recall these being released years ago.
  3. First item up on Studio Recording Instruments: Oh you, Amazon...
  4. Affinity is hands down one of the best photo editors I've ever used and Publisher has been an absolute joy to use and I've completely bailed on Microsoft Publisher in favour of Affinity (I don't use Design that much). Even at full price, this is what a true no-brainer is.
  5. I'll wait till it's $29 a year.
  6. The Freebies ended about 4ish days ago, I think? Epic Games is still doing daily games though!
  7. They already are being left behind. They've not done an expansion to AD2 in years. No new keyboards. The only thing they have going for them right now is XO and a couple effects
  8. Wow this new version looks really ugly and it's so small. What the hell is XLN doing?
  9. I feel like every synth is now trying to look like Serum.
  10. Try to log in and it sends you to https://www.whitehouse.gov Yeaaaaah
  11. I just unsubscribed from the newsletter and resubscribed and got it.
  12. Jesus, going through checkout is like trying to pause my Humble Monthly. How many screens of ads do I need to buy something. Ridiculous.
  13. The learning curve is what always put me off but this is a top end NLE so I didn't expect anything less, I suppose.
  14. Edit: Got a code, thanks so much! ❤️
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