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  1. I'm going to assume they meant midnight on Saturday since midnight on Friday as come and gone.
  2. Are their sale prices up? It looks like everything is normal price.
  3. Focusrite always gets the good stuff while Novation gets the leftovers.
  4. I figured "It would only make sense for them to leave the zip file you download from their installer or at least ask you if you want to keep it after install". I guess that feature is just asking too much.
  5. Ahh thanks, found it. Nothing like having to download the same file twice... lol
  6. Is there a way to back up the .zip file? Their new installer doesn't seem to show a download location for it.
  7. If you have Custom Shop installed, click on Restore My Purchases in the app. Scroll down and it should be somewhere in the amp list
  8. Was joking. I would never give NewEgg my money anyway.
  9. Just bought 5! Thanks, Lars!
  10. So pretty much everyone who decided to show something new off this year?
  11. Someone needs to update their SSL certificate. These aren't new, are they? I seem to recall these being released years ago.
  12. First item up on Studio Recording Instruments: Oh you, Amazon...
  13. Affinity is hands down one of the best photo editors I've ever used and Publisher has been an absolute joy to use and I've completely bailed on Microsoft Publisher in favour of Affinity (I don't use Design that much). Even at full price, this is what a true no-brainer is.
  14. I'll wait till it's $29 a year.
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