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  1. This isn't a sale/intro price, right? So we're not exactly missing a deal if we don't buy right at this moment.
  2. Ugh, I feel the same way. I really want to wait for the discount email but I don't know that we'll see it for quite some time.
  3. AKA "Our products are not good and no one is buying them so we're going to get rid of them to "make room" on our site for even more lazily designed products no one will want to buy."
  4. TerraSin

    Auddict PercX

    It's a perpetual sale. It's been this price since it was released. Seems to be their business model now since Hexeract is the same thing. Been on 50% "sale" for like 2 years now. lol
  5. It will deactivate itself once in a while when Windows does a major update. Not a big deal as they have one of the easiest systems to fix imo.
  6. *Please turn off ad blockers to get access to free downloads No thank you, very much.
  7. Not working for me, either
  8. Heh, the whole reason I bought Scaler last year was because they were saying the update would be soon. I assumed we'd be getting it for free.
  9. I use some of his stuff. Very well designed and very usable.
  10. Can't stay in the past. I'd like them to be better at competing with the current market rather than getting left behind in the dust like they have been. There needs to be more options in AD. I'd like more kit pieces per kit for one rather than having to setup two different instances. Sound and internal processing wise, it's not even on the same level as Superior Drummer any longer. It's certainly not bad but what's the point of not further developing? Not like they are doing much with it as it is.
  11. God I hope it's AD3. I mean, I can keep hoping but I'm starting to think they threw in the towel with drums.
  12. TerraSin

    Icon Nano

    Sadly, Icon is really shoddy. I've looked into their stuff a few times now because they are really attractive for both the price and the job but they have issues with both software and hardware quality.
  13. I personally prefer rent to own but they usually don't do actual deals in this. The way I look at it, I look at plugins I bought a decade ago and most I no longer even use. This type of subscription gives a lot of plugins that would cost thousands for a cheap price and I could use them only as long as I need or as long as they are relevant to modern production then cancel and move on to new things or maybe they will swap them out. Either way, $120/yr isn't bad for something like this.
  14. If only I didn't have so many of them already...
  15. I picked it up just because I want some more percussion to layer.
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