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  1. Best Service had a sale in April of 2019 and I bought Total then and sold my single plugins off. Was just under $469 for Total. That was the lowest I've seen it.
  2. So far I'm seeing absolutely nothing I'm interested in. lol
  3. TerraSin

    HorNET Doln

    Yaaaaay.... another installer.....
  4. Today I learned I bought Hit Film Pro and have updates available. I really need to stop. lol
  5. TerraSin

    IK VI Group Buy

    I registered a guitar I had last year and it qualified, I think.
  6. TerraSin

    IK VI Group Buy

    Is it just me or is the list of qualifying products much smaller this year than last?
  7. Well, after a month of waiting they cancelled my order.
  8. TerraSin

    Groove 3 Perks

    Hellooooo perks! Wonder if the Rob Papen one will stack on a sale? Maybe?
  9. Huh, interesting. Wonder why it requires a Cakewalk account. I have Decadance 2 already registered from my X-Change thing and I don't remember needing that? I could be wrong.
  10. If it works, post here.
  11. He mentioned on KVR that was not the case.
  12. Do you have to spend money for the personal codes? I have all the free stuff but never bought anything.
  13. I don't get why they have such bad luck with their websites. This stuff has been going on for years. They have such great customer service brought down by terrible servers. Remember that time they were down pretty much the whole month of November? That couldn't have been good for business.
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