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  1. Unfortunately , the issue is not resolved by moving VST .. as I think everything is loaded into memory. I've noticed that if I'm recording a Midi Track while the issue happens, the midi track is OR recorded at wrong bit (it's moved by a 1/16 ..1/8 forward compared to when I recorded it) or it's not recorded at all. After looking at the ,manual, I tried increasing the Number of Buffers to 128.
  2. I didn't touch it and I see it is at 200 ms. I'm running ASIO Currently using Surface Book 2 with Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8650U CPU and 16 GB di Ram Interesting the fact that I tried to move all VSTs I had to another external SSD and ... it seems much better.!! Really don't know if it is related to that, but in my last working session on the same project, I experienced very few of the issue mentioned. Btw. I'm now building a new workstation .. Waiting from my parts to arrive Intel Core i7-12700KF, S-1700, 5.00GHz, 8-Core 32 GB DDR5 Asus Z690-A SAMSUNG Electronics 870 EVO 2TB 2.5 This way I'll remove any computing capacity from the equation.
  3. Hi there, I0m experiencing a very weird problem Sometimes hitting play, it happens that some instruments are not played at all or played partially If I stop and play again, it starts playing everything correctly, but during the same working session the problem happens various times For example. Sometime the Drum truck doesn't play the kick and some of the hihat. For other tracks, like synth or brass, again it is missing some notes. If I stop, go back to the beginning of the song, and play it again it fix it , but is suddenly happen several times during the same session, Note: the problem IS ALWAYS happening when I load the project and hit play for the fist time. System performance are below 40% of CPU usage .Even the ram is at the same %. Any idea?
  4. That's the point. I dont want any track to be selected. I'm sorry but Focus in Cakewalk behave the same as it is Selected as as my Surface Controller marks the Focused tracke as selected. With Studio One I can Unselect all track and any of them is then selected on my QconProG2. Same with Reaper With Cakewalk, the focused track is selected. So this is why I have the Echo active when I have the Focused MIDI track with the "alway Echo the current MIDI track" enabled.
  5. I would like to know how to deslect ALL input Echo on Midi Tracks as it seems it has to have at least one turned on.
  6. Is there a way to have all tracks UNSELECTED? It always have to have one selected track. Thx
  7. Hello, I have QconProG2 surface control and would like to know if there is any way to set LAYER 2 Function Keys mapping as it can be done for the standard Function Keys To better explain what I'm saying. Currently the Mackie COntrol Setup allows to set the 8 Function keys in the picture. On the QconProG2, there is a Layer2 buttons that activate further 8 Function keys. Would be great to know if there is any way to set custom actions also for the Layer 2 Function Keys Thx in advance. NOTE: Currently one of the many reasons I'm staying with Cakewalk is the way it handles the Surface Controllers as QconProG2 Studio One really suck on it!
  8. After 25 years, I started producing music again. This is my first finished product. Others will follow soon. Hope you like it. https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=Y7m87V5QI-M&feature=share
  9. No, Offset mode is not engaged. As said, it seems it's random. Sometimes It reads all the automation and after a while, it doesn't any more until I restart cakewalk
  10. Don't get me wrong. I love Cakewalk. Also the way Mackie is implemented now is FAR MORE BETTER than Studio One. I'm sure they are doing the best to fix all the bugs and make improvements and yes, I will follow your suggestion to provide feedback. I think Outboard Gear is becoming more and more popular and I think this will be a plus for cakewalk to mange it properly. The External Insert limitation to EAT 2 channels at a time may be simple to resolve. At least I hope so. For now. Cakewalk is unbeatable!
  11. I'm facing the problem where after WRITING my automations using and External Controller, for some reasons, it doesn't READ the automation until I restart CAKEWALK. It's random behaviour but seems that is a back Bug that was already presented in 2020 by other users in the forum.
  12. Outboard Gear management in Cakewalk is a PAIN IN THE ***** and is the reason why I'm looking to other DAWS too. Studio One 5 has the I/O management and the PIPELINE Inserts that are so SWEET! Would be great to have Cakewalk implementing this instead of answering that External Insert was designed to use REverbs at the time PCs has few resources. I really hope Cakewalk development team take in serious consideration reviewind the External Insert plugin to work as it should (Not eating 2 channels at a time)
  13. The return tracks are set to DBX / L (GUIT1) and DBX / R (GUIT2) and they result hard panned
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