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    No sound

    Ok thanks that helped me a lot. Got it working now, you are my hero
  2. Nico Grosser

    No sound

    VLC media player works, sample rate is set to 44100 like the wave profiler suggests.
  3. Nico Grosser

    No sound

    I also tried to just add an audio file to an empty project and still nothing. Since nothing worked so far I am starting to worry the problem is something very obvious and stupid. Is there a general volume Setting thing somewhere that I am missing? Anything that should be completely obvious? Also when i first installed Cakewalk I still had the software Voicemeeter on my PC, a virtual audio mixer. Since it was the only thing showing up in the sound driver section at first and I didnt get sound back then either, I uninstalled Voicemeeter and my regular sound card showed up. Could that still impact Cakewalk?
  4. Nico Grosser

    No sound

    Yes onboard audio. I am using Windows 10 home 64 bit. I did try both WASAPI options and the wave profiler.
  5. Nico Grosser

    No sound

    Greetings everyone! I am absolutely new to this software and Sound editing in general. Now that I am trying to get into Cakewalk my very first massive problem is that I get no sound in the demo projects to play. I followed the basic getting started Instructions Cakewalk links to, I tried using all sorts of settings in the driver setup but nothing yields any results. I would happily give more info but i honestly do not know what is relevant here. Thank you for your time.
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