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  1. Got it to work! Data is coming through MIDI OX and Cakewalk! I just reversed the cables on the keyboard. Before the cables were matching, but now IN is going to OUT and vice versa. Also had to reboot the computer. Thanks everyone, I appreciate all the tips and recommendations.
  2. @John VereI haven't tried in any other DAW, this is my first time with all this. The system tray's icon remains there even after unplugging I also installed and tried monitoring it in Midi Ox but there's nothing coming from its input, so I'll look into getting an audio interface, thank you. @User 905133Sorry for the confusion, the cable is an In/Out Midi to USB/USB C, here's where I got it: https://www.amazon.com/SOULGIRL-Interface-Connecting-Synthesizer-Recording/dp/B094Y2FWHK
  3. @John Vere@57Gregy@bdickensI'm using a MIDI to USB adapter, and it's an Alesis QS8.2. I couldn't find any drivers for it on their site https://www.alesis.com/products/browse/category/keyboards The "midi-keyboard" was a name I adjusted myself, I can't remember what it was originally named, pretty sure it was just something like USB MIDI. @Lynn WilsonI tried selecting the input echo to track 3 (this thing): but no green notes are coming through.
  4. @John VereI can hear sound and see the green notes when clicking the green music button of the TTS-1 instrument, but nothing happens when I use the MIDI keyboard. Also tried setting the MIDI driver mode to MME like @scookwas saying.
  5. @John VereI followed the steps up to 6:44 of the first video but I can't produce any sound. Here is what my setup currently looks like:
  6. Hi tecknot, How can this be done? I can't find the option to edit the track's input.
  7. Hello, This is my first time setting up a DAW. I have a keyboard connected directly to my computer via MIDI to USB. In the Preferences section I set my keyboard up like this: Then I added the electric piano plug-in. Clicking on the digital keys produced sound but nothing happened when I used my keyboard. Any help would be appreciated.
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